IEA To Hold Vice Presidential Debate Ahead Of November 7 Elections

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has launched its 2016 Pre-Election Debate on Tuesday, May 10, in Accra.

The debate is aimed at creating opportunity for Presidential candidates to share their vision of governance with the electorates ahead of the November 7 polls this year.

As part of the IEA’s commitment to strengthen Ghana’s democracy and foster peace before, during and after elections; the Institute has introduced something new to this year’s debate series.

According to Dr. Michael Ofori-Mensah, a Senior Research Fellow of the Institute, the Institute will hold a Vice Presidential Debate this year.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

The Vice Presidential debate is for Vice Presidential Aspirants whose parties have representation in Parliament to share their visions with the electorates.

This, according to Dr. Ofori-Mensah, is important because “our constitution mandates the Vice President assumes the role of President when the latter is unable to perform the functions of the office. Vice Presidential Aspirants, therefore, have to demonstrate the qualities of a President.”

Since 2000, the IEA has been conducting Presidential debates for Presidential Aspirants without involving Vice Presidents to interact with the Ghanaian electorates prior to elections.

As a measure to advance the debate series, the Vice Presidential debate will be organized and intended to come off in the first week of October.

The Institute is also discussing to hold a separate debate for candidates from parties without Parliamentary representation.

The IEA believes “that those who wish to govern must subject themselves to probing questions by the electorate to ensure that they understand their concerns and have the capacity to address them.”

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