I have great respect for John Mahama so I won’t contest him- Spio Garbrah

Former Trade and Industry Minister, Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, has revealed that he and other Former appointees John Mahama appointed all have great respect for him so he will not contest John Mahama.

He stated categorically that if former President John Mahama contests as the flag bearer, he (Spio-Garbrah) will not join the race.

“all of us appointed by Mahama have great respect for him. We all believe we have to grant him that opportunity,” Spio

He continued, “My view is that all such matters are for the collective… when the time comes I’ll take that into account. Let’s work together to fix that car first or the horse that may be lame or whatever allegory people want to use. Once it is done, the best driver will be decided. At this state, it is early. Everyone could have leadership potential and I can’t be excluded.”

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