I don’t believe Nana Addo’s words – Asiedu Nketia

The General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has said that he does not believe in certain parts of the speech delivered by President Nana Akufo-Addo during the State of the Nation Address.

“I don’t believe in what he is saying with regards to the State of the Nation. People have suffered with regards to hooliganism and you’re now saying that there should be a truce on your terms so that next time when somebody takes over it shouldn’t happen. Is that what he wants us to believe” he quipped.

According to the chief scribe of the NDC, the President was making a good statement at the wrong time especially with regards to the violence that has taken place after the election.

“A good statement made at the wrong time is not good enough. I mean part of his government is seen to be legalizing hooliganism. Aburony3 and his invisible forces are still attacking people. Whom should we believe??” he asked.

In his reaction to the general statement, he said even though some parts were reconciliatory, his statements on the economy were not new.

“It’s been said that there are three types of lies…Lies that lies on statistics so if you want to tell a particular story with statistics you pick the figures that you are interested in and they’ll that story. If another person may pick another set of figures to tell a better story of the economy that person will also succeed.”
He warned the President not to use the problems of the economy to run away from the promises he made on the campaign trail.

“I am not interested in whatever description he’ll put to the state of the economy. I am happy he said he was elected to fix the economy. Let him fix it but he should not use any state of the economy to run away from the promises he made.”

“We are expecting to see the 1 million, 1 constituency promise. We are waiting for the 1 district, 1 factory. 1 village and 1 dam. It’s not about repeating what he has said because the sweetness of the pudding is in the eating” he told Accra-based Joy FM.
President Nana Akufo-Addo on Tuesday, February 21, delivered his first State of the Nation Address.

This is in accordance with Article 67 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana which states; “The President shall, at the beginning of each session of Parliament and before a dissolution of Parliament, deliver a message on the state of the nation”.

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