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I choose JM-NDC, you too choose your party – Mr. Beautiful 

mr beautiful

Ghanaian actor Mr.Beautiful has revealed in a recent interview that Ghanaians shouldn’t forget that we all have the right to Freedom of Association.

According to him, “Politics in Ghana, the village aspect is too much. I believe in NDC,i choose JM others believe in NPP and others too believe in other parties, everyone is entitled to his/her freedom of association, let’s be mature and rise above this dirty politics.”http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

“If someone belongs to NDC, and someone also belongs to NPP, people should know we are not enemies. It’s my right to support any party I think it’s good for me. I chose NDC, you can also decide which party to choose. I just don’t know why someone should be insulted because he has decided to support one political party or the another.”


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