Hon Muntaka explains why Asokore Mampong Assembly purchased two guns for him

The Assembly’s decision to spend part of its Common Fund in buying guns for the two politicians has sparked outrage after it was revealed by the Auditor-General.

The Auditor-General’s report has revealed that some monies meant for developmental projects under the Asokore Mampong Municipal assembly was misapplied to procure guns for the personal use of the MP, Mubarak Muntaka and the former MCE of the area, Nurudeen Hamidan.

According to Farouk Muniru special Assistant to Hon Muntaka, the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly procured the two pump action guns valued at GHc9,100.00 from the main DACF and MP’s DACF accounts for the personal use and protection of the MCE and the MP.

The report added that the guns were all registered in the names of Hon. Mubarak Muntaka and Mr. Hamidan, the former MCE. But the office of the MP has explained that the guns were bought in 2015 for the personal protection of the two NDC officials since the crime rate within constituency had reached its peak.

A statement signed by the Special Assistant of Hon Muntaka Mubarak, Farouk Muniru copied to Ghanapoliticsonline.com, explained that there was a high sophisticated robbery attack at the residence of the MP, where valuable items amounting to millions of Ghana Cedis were stolen, with the police being unable to make any arrest.

below is the full statement

The office of Member of Parliament for Asawase Constituency, Hon Mubarak Muntaka had taken notice of the above mentioned publications on various online news portals and some radio stations of which yours was part.

For the avoidance of doubt and setting the record straight, the above caption of the publication and broadcast is not only superfluous but perfidious as well.

If we all will recall in 2015 when crime rate within Asokore Mampong reached its highest crescendo with the menace of a vigilante group affectionately called “Anraba Gari”, the Assembly decided to purchase 2 pump Action gun for the official use of the Municipal Chief Executive and the member of Parliament for their protection.

In February this year, there was a high sophisticated robbery attack at the residence of the member of Parliament at Buobai where valuable items amounting to millions of Ghana Cedis were made away with and till date the police were not able to make any arrest.

This and many other cogent reasons are why it’s very important for the protection of the safety of the member of Parliament.

It will also interest all to know that the former MCE Hon Nuru Hamidan had since handed over the pump action gun meant for the office of the Municipal Chief Executive to the newly appointed MCE, Hon Alidu Seidu and he’s currently using it for his protection.

It is therefore instructive to note that Hon Mubarak Muntaka will also hand over the gun the very day he ceases to be the member of Parliament for Asawase Constituency. Thank you.

Farouk Muniru
Special Assistant to Hon Muntaka Mubarak.


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