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As today mark another feet in your life, with a blessing of another year securing 72, above what has been promised man, we wish to take this opportunity to say a happy birthday to you.

It has become necessary to scribe these words on this special occasion coming some months ahead of an election of which you are a candidate.

With experience from the past, we can only use this opportunity to admonish you to ensure for the first time, that, this country receives from you, the peace it had offered you these many years as a participant in its democratic journey.

We have heard and had seen enough. Your open declaration of “militants on our side”, “at all costs, we need to win”, “all die be die”, and your open endorsement of Osafo Marfo’s tribal comments, your refusal to condemn Kennedy Agyapong for calling on Akans to wipe out Ewes and Gãs gives you out as a weak leader.

Again, your inability to condemn openly, individuals who engaged in acts of hooliganism in your party has set you aside as a unique character with a huge deficit in sustaining peace.

It is clear, that, until it goes against you, you wouldn’t care and wouldn’t comment on any issue. That is part of our problem. Principles must be your watch word and must be seen in all you do. Yet, they remain another asset lost in your entire political life.

Again, Sir, we are heading into another election, and, as is to be expected, you will allege cheating long before the votes are cast, but, that does not take away the fact that, deep within you, you are very much convinced you have lost it already.

Please and please, your people, and we would take your silence to mean consent, have promised not to go to court in the event that you lose the 2016 elections which to us, is eminent. Where would you head then? Could that account for the mercenaries move?

Sir, you were supposed to be a renowned lawyer. This means you believe in the sanctity of the law courts. So far, until otherwise proven, you lost the election case at court and owe it a duty to hold the decision in high esteem coming from a house of your reference.

Well, we can assure you, that, many Ghanaians have not finished living their lives, and would prefer to completely live their lives as you have. They will not sacrifice their dignity and desires for your inordinate desire for power.

Sir, be sure to contribute your part to the peace we are enjoying as Adu Boahene, Kufour, Atta Mills did. Life does not end with your losing an election, and legitimately so.

Sir, a happy Birthday to you, and if some of you see yourselves as living ancestors, some of us have not done even half this journey, and we will be glad living the rest in peace.

Happy Birthday once again.

Concerned Peace-Loving Citizens

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