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Yes I had a call which interrupted the earlier narrative. I was called to pick up some records for my attention.

Then I had a hint that the president my boss would be visiting the Volta Region. Indeed, it was a visit I was expecting. Expecting not because I come from the region, but much more happy because I thought it would afford me the opportunity to know what the president is doing in the region as compared to others.

Then he launched into the region and started his commissioning and inspections. It was quite refreshing that, now, the chiefs and people of the communities he visit were the ones telling what they have gotten from the president.

The commissioning of the Dodi Pepeso part of the Easter Corridor road is an indication that the road is under construction. As it stands, all the lots identified on that road have been awarded for construction. Not too long ago, I took the time to relate some of the challenges that delayed the construction of this road and would not bore you with a repetition.

Eheee! What are they talking about? Incumbency abuse? Who defines incumbency abuse? Arh, so because of election year, the president cannot go round the country to inspect and commission projects? Eeeeii, so because of elections, the country must stand still?

So there was no incumbency abuse when the president went to commission Karpower? No abuse when he went to Otuam in Ekumfi to commission the first Community Day School? There was no abuse when he cut sod for the construction of the Komenda Sugar Factory? No abuse when he commissioned the Fufulso-Sawla road?

Why has it all of a sudden become an incumbency abuse this time round? Well, work doesn’t stop because the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is contesting elections. For them, they would wish nothing is happening in this country.

So, how does a president become blamable for enthusiastic members of a party he belongs to, meeting him with party colours? Does that make the presence of the president political? What would have been a problem and given weight to such noises would be if the president was wearing a party dress while going on the Accounting to the People tour. Anything short of that, we cannot give any credence to.

As a matter of fact, that had been their mantra. Today, as the works are being shown, listen to them. Noises all over. I dont get it.

One significant project that had seen commissioning is the Worawora Dambai road. Not too long ago, president Kufour said he constructed that road. I want to find out, which year did he start constructing it, and which year did he complete it? You see, nobody can expect a president to finish solving all problems of a nation in 8 years, however, that president cannot ascribe achievements that never existed.

Then the president was questioned on issues of corruption as part of his visit to Volta Star Radio the Volta Regional outlet of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. Indeed, it is a fact, that this is the only government that had bitten its own people. We have never seen this before.

Today, Ghana has emerged the 2nd country in Africa coming after Namibia and 26th in the world where media freedom is guaranteed. Indeed, Ghana came ahead of the United Kingdom and the United States of America who came 38th and 41st respectively in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index.

This has an impact on the perception of corruption. Indeed, corruption remains a perception since it is difficult to prove. The availability of press freedom opens up the space for discussions on issue of corruption, it allows people to make allegations, and as well, enables them to access and assess government’s efforts on corruption.

The mere fact that people are unable to speak on issues of corruption because they have no freedom of expression, or are not aware of corruption in a government due to efforts to conceal as was the case sometime back, does not mean there is/was no corruption. In the same light, the fact that issues of corruption are freely discussed does not make the government of the day more corrupt. What it means is that, the little there are on corruption are being let out for the public to see.

Measuring a government as being more corrupt than another because it is shedding light on corrupt acts would be much dangerous. It is better to know than to be left in the dark. We can only encourage the president for his efforts do far.

What is this I am hearing from Afenyo Markin? Sir, how has your owing a bank which list was realised to the print become a matter of political machinations to bring you down? Sir, are you serious? Sir, has the bank become a political party now? Or did you apply for the loan then as a member of the New Patriotic Party?

Eheerr, I heard you again say your business collapsed not because of your incompetence, but because government had come up with strict policies to regulate your sector of business – haulage. I want to ask oo, has haulage business stopped in this country? Are people not engaged in haulage as we speak? And, were you hoping the NPP would come to power to help your business get back? Really? Without meeting the standards? So you operate a business without standards? Meaning the NPP would allow you to operate on your own terms. Thank you anyway for thanking the president for intervening for you at a certain time. He couldn’t intervene later because you admit you were operating below standards.

Hmmmmm, job issues have remained a challenge. The president knew this when he said his second term would put money in people’s pockets. Again, he knew very well that government cannot put monies directly into people’s pockets when he said that. What he is saying is, many opportunities will come up as the economy expands. However, one is required to take steps to cease these opportunities to be able to make their mark and have money in their pockets.

Ahaaa, what are they even saying mpo, ooo, scanning through social media, I can see these elephants do not want to see pictures of our achievements ooo. Please, keep posting them waaa. Let them run away wai. Make them furious the more wai. They need to see the projects. Then, they tell you, every government does these.

Yes, indeed, the president is not here to do extra ordinary things. He is doing the ordinary things extraordinarily. In discussing the issues, let’s gather what the NPP had achieved over 8 years and place it against what JM has achieved under 4 years.

Look, monkeys, aboakyere festival, water falls, two-seater toilets, 6 unit classroom blocks were forced on us to celebrate as achievements under the name Positive Change. What??? If that is positive change, how does Ridge Hospital, Legon Hospital, Community Day Schools become negative change? As for this logic…., you require some illogicality to suffice.

As i said some time back, to understand the NPP logic, you must be ready to be illogical. You celebrated monkeys, I cannot be prevents from cerebrating Ridge Hospital.

…….to be continued……


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