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The president’s phone series takes us to Ningo Prampram where a brother and a friend Samuel George Nartey alias Dzata is contesting as Parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Sam had a successful campaign launch at the V-Club, Lower Town, Prampram. I, together with three other colleagues, arrived at the campaign ground at about 12 midday for an event that was scheduled to start at 1PM.

Colleague parliamentary candidates made it to Prampram to support him for a beautiful campaign launch. Speaker upon speaker made the point that the people of Ningo Prampram would have a good reason to give their nod to the young, energetic, affable and determined Sam Dzata George.

One thing many people are yet to know is that Sam is down to earth. It is easy for people to stand far away and insinuate what they assume him to be. Having been close to him over the past years, even though a senior brother to me, not on a single occasion have I ever experienced bad response from him.

What I know Sam to be is, he does not tolerate what is generally intolerable. Sam has an eye for quality and precision. He wants his work done with speed and with accuracy. He demands time lines for his tasks and would take no excuses. That is what I know him to be.

It was not surprising that the National Campaign Coordinator of the NDC who doubles as the National Organizer presented him to the people as a fighter for projects even though he is not yet a member of Parliament.

Having had the privilege of working with him ahead of the primaries that got him elected, he used his connections to bring relief to his people as much as he could. He lobbied for projects for them, and kept his faith with them. As the saying goes, you can only trust the one who would give you part of the little, to give you part of the many when he gets it.

Prampram went agog as the launch was ongoing. The euphoria, the music and dances, the ‘Jama’, the jamboree and what have you, made the whole event remarkable. All in all, Sam George had a good show which was well attended and well delivered.

I must use this opportunity to appeal to our contestants who were not successful at the primaries in November last year. God has a plan for everyone. To the extent that the elections were not stolen and were free and fair, you can only admit the will of the people.

Some incumbent Members of Parliament took their constituents for granted. They have always claimed to be on the grounds. However, the reality wasn’t the case. To some of them, all they were doing was to allocate resources to sort out delegates at the time.

It came as a surprise to them that the electoral college was expanded beyond what they could sort. For instance, if delegates drawn from all branches within the constituency put the number at about 250, one can sort them out with some resources. When it came out that the list was expanded to allow all registered party members to vote increasing participants from 250 to 8,000 in some constituencies, the one who was really on the ground got elected.

I think after this, all issues could be left to be. If you are a sitting Member of Parliament, I have consistently maintained that it wasn’t the case that your victory at the previous primaries went down well with everyone who contested you. However, they took it in good faith and allowed you to represent the party.

It is on this basis that I would urge all parliamentary candidates who were not successful at the polls to join hands with the candidates of the party. Filling of nominations to enable one to contest had closed last Friday 30th September, 2016. The party now has its candidates. To the extent that you have not been able to file to contest, your loyalty is being tested. Would you rather an opposition candidate takes the seat based on your refusal to help the party’s candidate or, would you be happy to see your party win and win massively? Assess your loyalties and please, place them where your conscience would be at peace remembering that you had all parties at your side when you were winning.

While retuning from Prampram, myself and my colleagues had a very stressful experience which took us three hours to resolve near Dawhenya. Our car would not move as the ignition ceased upon three attempts.

Eventually, it was established that the problem resulted from the alternator’s inability to power the battery upon diagnoses from several people. This side of the event of Prampram became necessary based on experiences we have had with people. The love from individuals to see our problem resolved was simply amazing.

There was a gentleman who got down from his car earlier. Apparently, he is a sympathiser of the NDC, but was in a vehicle with an opposition member. He initially came down to share fun with us as members of the party. Moments after, we started having our challenges. This gentleman stood with us for over three hours to ensure we were able to fix the problem. He led us to get a battery because ours was drained over the period, and also called a mechanic from Old Ningo to fix the problem for us.

While at it, a long standing friend, Dr. Justice Aheto and his colleagues pulled up when they saw the broken car, and made attempts to help us ahead of the mechanic’s arrival. All these efforts were greatly appreciated as one could experience the love from fellow comrades.

But, in all of these, there was one significant family. When the problem started ahead of our pulling over, a certain man came up to us to enquire our problem. He aided the earlier attempts for battery to start the engine. When we failed, we pulled up in front of a shop.

While working on the car, he, from time to time, would shout 3y3 Zuu! Even in our distressed position, we responded each time 3y3 Zaa! Then the shop was closed because it was late. We did not take notice of the fact that the occupants of the shop were waiting even after they have closed.

Just when the mechanic was fully done with the work, after nearly two hours of closing the shop, a voice came from that direction “I hope you have finished now and have the problem resolved”. “Yes, it is done now”, we responded. “Then we can now go home. Safe journey as you return”. It shocked all of us.

Apparently, even after closing the shop, the gentleman, his wife and son, were waiting in front of their shop for us to finish the repairs and move before they leave us. It is indeed heart pearcing and a moment of appreciation to note how people could sacrifice for others.

One thing stands out, there are still good people in every area you find yourself. Just be good with others wherever you go.

To the people of Ningo Prampram, you have a choice. Watch your son Samuel George Nertey, see his commitment and determination, see his level of intelligence, see his hardworking nature. You deserve the best. Give him an opportunity to do more. Vote SAMUEL GEORGE NERTEY AKA DZATA as your Member of Parliament, and you will never be disappointed.


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