So I took time to monitor events in relation to the astronomic increase in electricity tariffs. I recognised the loud pain that the people of Ghana went through over that period. Indeed, the pain of Ghanaians in that regard, I can say is the pain of my boss the President.

Indeed, as a caring father, his pain is even more than that of any single individual’s pain. As an immediate measure, we have seen the halting of the tariffs system that had attracted pandemonium. While the people of Ghana were going through these unpleasant moments, I have disappointedly noticed the opportunity the opposition leader thought this presents him. He stated he would reduce electricity tariffs when voted into power.

Well, is good. The president would be the most happiest person on earth if electricity cost stands for every Ghanaian, at no cost at all. He would be glad if the state can bear the full cost of generation and transmitting power to the people of Ghana.

I have posited many times before, that, if this government had decided to keep electricity distribution to where it met it, we wouldn’t have had a challenge.

The NPP, having spent 8 years in power, had distributed electricity to 400 communities less than the records of His Excellency John Mahama in 3 years. What this means is that, a lot more communities, a lot more people, have access to electricity which is aiding their households as well as business activities.

Can we, today, sight any other option? That some years back we did not have ‘dumsor’ doesn’t mean every Ghanaian had access to power. That was not the case. Baring all efforts, we are just about 86 percent coverage of electricity. Should the remaining communities be linked to the national grid, what would be the option? Or would it be appropriate to cut them off the prospect of accessing electricity ever in their lives?

We need to take a little look at what we have currently as a nation. Today, the pendulum of the generation mix has shifted. We have more power from other sources other than hydro. It remains a fact that, the thermal generational mix is more expensive as compare to hydro.

With the increasing demand for power, we have had to shift focus, generate power through the expensive alternative, and make sure we provide power to all.

It is not a pleasant option. So if one of the contestants of the elections, having sighted an opportunity, is promising to reduce electricity tariffs, I think it would be appropriate to ask him reduced to how much or by how much? And to proceed to ask if the expansion plans would involve hooking every community to the national grid.

Ideologically, the capitalist that he is, an option is opened. A capitalist would not hesitate curtailing power supply to a section of the public to a more profitable section. To the capitalist, if like say Abossey Okai is more profitable in terms of electricity supply, he would prefer supplying power to them, curtailing power to say Nungua if that area is of no interest to them.

This government, the socialist ideologies it leans towards, would always be inclined to sharing the little to all no matter how small everyone wound get.

History must guide us, price of a gallon of petrol at Ghc0.60 was regarded expensive. It was used for campaign until it was increased with over 200 per cent in the NPPs first two years after winning power on the back of petrol prices.

When these issues are raised, they proceed to tell you late President Mills promised reducing petrol prices drastically. The reality remained that, before his winning power, they had reduced it with the assumption that they would win. Well, I know the people of Ghana can read through these.

However, let me seize this opportunity to hint the President His Excellency John Dramani Mahama that even though he saved his line on this phone before handing it over to me, I would not send this message to him personally. I want readers to see what I am about telling him. Mr. President, just make sure, as I know you to be, that some elements who oppose you do not have their way at these strategic units.

Their activities can cause you a lot. Once their activities have resulted in pain to your people, they may act to satisfy that pain. Sir, people may not necessarily require change. Not under this circumstance where we have an opposition that cannot even define its focus. However, they may be forced to act in punishment of pain caused them by these internal opposition to you. Sir, I know you, I trust you, deal with it.

Yes, one very important issue in relation to job creation. The Komenda Sugar factory is commencing operation as my boss is set to commission this project. This project is expected to employ factory hands and other supporting staff as well as farmers.

Jobs would be created like other projects. With this apparent feet, the opposition have started from yesterday, throwing in allegations that are non existent and alien to us. They would wish the lies are discussed instead of the impact of this sugar factory. Now that their lies have been exposed by the United Kingdom Ambassador John Benjamin, we can expect something next. I understand they are roasting him on his tweeter page. Former friends they have become.

Well, what else can we expect? If in its entire 8 years, not a single factory was built, nor any revived, it would be to the advantage of JM to have this remarkable achievement discussed. It is all good. As usual, with their dominance in the media, they would be aided to throw dust into the eyes of the public.

My people, we have come far. We have achieved what we could. I cannot imagine the option. What becomes difficult is that, that option cannot be placed side-by-side. However, we can watch the development under that option when it had the chance.

I can say, if in 8 long years, not a single secondary school was constructed from scratch, and currently 123 under construction with some completed and all the others at various stages of completion, we cannot be compared. It is impossible.

God be our guide as always.

………to be continued……


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