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Oooo who is even calling this number at this very moment koraaaa? Ahhhh I think I know the person but I won’t pick now because I have to respond to some pending messages.

And the ring tone, just perfect for the moment. ……. boys abrɛ …… boys abrɛ….. boys abrɛ. Ampa boys abrɛ ama David Asante nsu abrɛ bi.

Abu Ramadan nsu abrɛ paaaa. Brother in-law of the Vice President. Charley, eno easy at all. Boys gusu rebrɛ ma Opana.

How did we get here? You went to court, a ruling is delivered, and then whether deliberate or otherwise, refused to understand the ruling and then you come out to force your ignorance down our throats? Did we go or did we come?

The over 40 paged document is clear oo. Written in black and white and in English, not Latin. The courts have refused to grant you the plea and we must pay for it abi?

I was just following a discussion on a platform and I could not stop laughing. David Asante of Let My whatever count fame is reported to have stated that he and he cohorts would physically prevent people who registered with NHIS cards from voting on the day of voting?

May be this can pass as the greatest joke of the year provided another won’t come before we end the year. Prevent? How? Physical? How? Let me pause and laugh small.

Erherh, I beg ooo how does he intend identifying them? Because I know on the day of voting, people would attend to the polling stations with their voter ID cards and not NHIS cards. I am really finding it difficult paaa.

Then I paused and reviewed the entire logic we have been bombarded with over these past months. Look, I think there is an agenda. An agenda to even determine that we do not even have a president in the country laaa. They want to establish that the 2012 election was a flaw and that we should even assume we never had an elected president.

But, in all of these, I must portend the illogicality because I can’t even think far on this very logic being bandied about.

How possible could it be, that, I, haven attained admission into a school based on a predetermined law, and then went through the system, graduated, and then a subsequent law is enacted that invalidate the earlier law subsequent to which my action was taken, and then I am told to even assume I have never attended the school as my certificate would have become invalid? Please readers, help me explain this.

Look, the ruling was made clear. It is written in plain English baring the technicalities, but, we understand what it means. The case is over. Let me ask a question. Was the use of NHIS card during the 2012 national wide registration allowed by the law or not? We are done.

May be the mode would have been to hand over the register to the NPP to go and clear the supposed names they have identify should not be on the register and when the are done, same is replicated with other parties. By the time all parties are done deleting their identified names, we would have no register left and then we move on.

Yes, I was just in a conversion with a ‘floating’ voter over the weekend and we had a discussion on some very important issues. His position was rooted on the fact that teachers and nurses are facing some challenges after school. He was emphatic that people who hitherto were posted to places to work have today had to undergo some delays.

In my presentation, I proceeded to ask, “people were complaining about government building schools unprecedented in our record as a nation; people claim the hospitals and clinics, the polyclinics, the CHPS compounds are irrelevant. You know that. Perhaps you are even one of those. Without hospitals, clinics, polytechins, CHPS compounds, where are the nurses supposed to work? Where would teachers be posted without schools?”

So we managed to establish that, it is important to understand that, no investment in any sector at this time is idle. Indeed, I presented sometime ago that none of these projects completed is lying idle. A clear indication that the people of Ghana need them.

Oooo, I have to pick this call. General Buhari of Nigeria has called the line and as usual, abi he is calling the President and I must speak as such. “Yes sir, how are you and how is Nigeria sir?”

Hmmmmm, John, Nigerians dey want hurry the clock make I exit, he says. “My brother, it shall be well. Your model is being promised my people here by my opponent to this year’s elections”, I added.

Ooo, really? I wish he is wearing these shoes of mine. Look, inflation is sky rocketing, the Naira is dancing what you people call Kpalogo with major currencies. Today, my maid returned from the market with a basket of tomatoes which used to sell upon my assumption of office for 3,000 Naira to 18,000 Naira under a year. John, things are hard, he narrated

Tell your people to keep fate with you. Let them understand you represent hope not only for them, but to all leaders of Africa. How you managed to turn around the economic and infrastructure fortunes of your country remains a lesson we must come to take, he insisted.

Very well, I think we can drop the curtains here on this episode, catch you same time next week. Until then, this remains…….


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