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I couldn’t understand Dr. Pink Sheet this time round. Dr Sheet says the Minister of Finance had locomoted some $250 million into some private bank in Ghana for the purpose of financing the campaign of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

I understand it wasn’t a mistake. From information I picked up, this was supposed to have been a bomb shell, the purpose for which he sought after or arranged for a program at Accra Polytechnic to drop that bomb shell.

You see, you can lie to anyone and walk away. However, an expensive lie is when you make a mistake of lying to intellectuals. You would be exposed in no time.

Then I kept wondering. Is it that in the eye of a larger section of the media, the leaders of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) including the likes of Bawumia and Akufo-Addo do no wrong?

Not too long ago, it was an unfortunate religious comment. He was left off the hook. In times past, he had lied on many issues. When it turned out that he lied, no one took him on.

Not too long ago, he asserted that the NPP built universities with emphasis on the plurality of universities they have belt, it turned out to be a lie. Yet, he was allowed to walk away with some supposed credibility.

It has been established and proven as a lie, that the money Bawumia claimed was transfered into a private account, resides in a call account at UBA bank. It turned out that the money was not in dollars, but rather, in Ghana cedis.

It has also been established that the said amount was for the purpose of investment in the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund which had over this short period between December 2015 and April, 2016, accumulated a 23 million Ghana Cedis interest.

What could be more prudent to manage an investment in a call account with a bank than this? Usually, investments are supposed to be locked in investment accounts with banks to be matured at a particular date.

What the option by the finance minister for this investment in a call account presents is the fact that, the investment amount would be earning interest while sitting with the bank and at the same time, and be readily available for withdrawal when the investor needs the money.

To say the least, the lies of Bawumia and his flag bearer have assumed enviable status that no one would dare wish to attain.

For Bawumia to proceed to demand that the finance minster resigns on his fabricated lies, is indeed mind-burgling and the basis for which I must be surprised that a projected economic wizard could stoop this low and still be allowed to walk free.

It is not a surprise. That people who could better understand the issues are even able to allow themselves to be swindled by this wizard, we can only go on our knees and thank our God that we could understand the issues and project them as such.

I would have though, that, if there would be any allegations on diverting funds into some supposed private accounts, the NPP and especially Dr. Bawumia must be answering to us, how they managed to walk away without accounting for cost of the redinomination in 2007.

That is not all, we were told by the NPP that they were heading to destroy the old currencies 6 months after the circulation of the new cedi. Up until today, no one is able to tell where specifically the money was destroyed and how much was involved.

Many people have alleged that that singular attempt was a calculated, crafter and a well-executed plan to roll those monies back into the accounts of the NPP and its big wigs for the purposes of the 2008 campaign, the basis for his elevation as running mate to Dr. Nana Akufo-Addo.

It is completely funny how these people think. Are they already scared? This campaign would be conducted on the basis of the records of the two parties. Fortunately for the people of Ghana, they have been in power before.

We shall take the state of the Ghanaian security services, the wage bill, the provision of water, electricity, the construction of roads, hospitals, schools, the nature of the economy vis-à-vis the levels of social development infrastructure as well as the quantum of legacy projects they left behind.

Look, my boss knows what he is about. He wouldn’t need to divert state funds into a private account to defeat a man now that he has record when he could use 40 days to defeat him when he had not records.

And then what is this one too that am hearing? IEA Institute of ECONOMIC Affairs. Well, I would suggest a change of name though to Institute of POLITICAL Affairs (IPA). With such supposed think tanks, we should be reading strategic economic papers from them. However, they have also joined the supposed mining industry of politics relinquishing what is important.

Well, as my boss the President stated many months ago, he is ready to debate Akufo-Addo on some CONTEMPTUOUS statements he had made over the years. However, he was quick to add that, the decision on which platform would be left in the hands of party executives.

I heard many suggesting National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to take over such debates. Then madam Jean became intolerant and angry. Well, all I know is, IEA or the suggested IPA does not have any constitutional mandate to do such. That political parties over the past went there, doesn’t mean they cannot boycott it especially when they could pull down their own report on their website because it went against the NPP. I wish them well.

NCCE has a mandate which is on the civic rights of citizens. If presidential debate the basis upon which civil rights are exercised, cannot be regarded as something NCCE could do, then I don’t know what else their roles would have been.

………to be continued………


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