Hajia Fati and NPP has disrespected us; we demand an apology – Onion sellers

We are by this statement issuing a seven-day ultimatum to Hajia Fati, President Akufo-Addo and Executives of the New Patriotic Party (Npp) to apologise to Onion Sellers in the country for the verbal assault on members by one Hajia Fati at the Headquarters of the New Patriotic Party.

The widely publicised and serious insults rained on us by Hajia Fati to the effect that the journalist who requested for an interview “didn’t look like a journalist, she looked like a normal lady who sells onions”, was absolutely reckless.

Hajia had the audacity to insult us because she knows she would probably get away with it. When she disrespectfully told the media that the lady didn’t look like a journalist, she looked like an onion seller, she was inadvertently deriding our business and trading in general.

Such a damming narrative confirms the widely held view among market women that politicians have no respect for market women who contribute significantly to the nation’s economy.

The poisonous remarks of Hajia Fati that sought to put swath of traders is deserving of the most stringent condemnation by the President, the New Patriotic Party and the general public with a meat within the skull.

We cannot sit back and allow our image, and that of other traders be smeared by verbal assaults in the name of politics.

We are by this letter issuing a seven-day ultimatum to the Hajia Fati and the New Patriotic Party to retract the verbal assault, tender an unreserved apology, or face the wrath of traders across the country.

Lydia Nkansah (Agbogbloshie)


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