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Gov’t leaping the poor out of poverty – Oye Lithur

The Minister for Gender, children and Social Protection Nana Oye Lithur has underscored the significant strides achieved by the various social protection programmes describing them as leaping the poor out of poverty.

She made this known in her opening statement during the launch of the Ghana’s Social Protection Policy in Accra on Monday.
“An impact assessment conducted by the INSTITUTE OF Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) and the North Carolina University in 2012 revealed that the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programme has positively impacted on the education of children in terms of enrolment, grade repetition and absenteeism among others. LEAP, is leaping the poor out of poverty”.

Nana Oye Lithur outlining the various social protection programmes, was optimistic that the Social Protection Policy will provide the governance framework for the effective and efficient coordination of all the social protection at all levels.

“The Policy will deliver a well-coordinated, inter-sectoral social protection system enabling people to live in dignity through income support, livelihood and improved access to basic services. The policy seeks to promote the wellbeing of Ghanaians through an integrated platform of effective social assistance, inclusion, insurance and financial access to social services”.

Launching the Policy, Minister of Sate in charge of Public Private Partnership, Abdul-Rashid Hassan Pelpuo, noted that the launch of the policy will not only protect the vulnerable in the society but will also empower them for the greater developments of the nation, thereby underscoring Government commitment for an equitable society.

“One of the key tools to achieve equitable opportunities is to create a good governance structure that has the capacity to coordinate and prioritize social developments in the country. Today we launch one of the most comprehensive Protection Policy in Africa and Ghanaians should be proud of,” he said.
Mr. Rashid Pelpuo indicated that the launch of the policy sets Ghana on the path to achieving the first Sustainable Development Goal of ending poverty in all its forms. This will ensure that by 2030 we can achieve substantive coverage of the poor and vulnerable.

“The policy will strengthen our system, structures for the empowerment of all Ghanaians . Government is committed to poverty reduction through the various initiatives and with the introduction of the Social Protection Policy we are streamlining the various components for effectiveness and efficiency,” he added.
Solidarity messages from the development partners (World Bank, UNICEF, DFID, EU) all centered on the continuous support from them to advance the good work of Government in providing social inclusiveness.

Copies of a brail version of the Social Protection Policy were handed over to the Ghana Union of the Blind so their members could also read and understand Government’s regulatory framework to advance social protection in the country.By – atinkafm

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