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Ghanaians are suffering because of “pull him down” syndrome – Rev Yalley (Video)

Leader and Founder of Bridge Ministries International, Rev F. D-Yalley has opined that most Ghanaians are suffering because of “pull him down” syndrome and our inability to support each other.

Addressing his congregation, about why Ghanaians are suffering these days, the anointed man of God stressed that many people do not achieve their expectations because they do not value and show gratitude to those God used to bless them.

“If you don’t value your seed you cannot have fruit because every fruit is made of a seed”, Prophet Yalley said.

He added that the spirit of pull him down Is more in Ghana than in Nigeria because Nigerians appreciate others’ efforts in their lives than Ghanaians.

“A Nigerian can work and buy a car, take it to his family Or former Boss and dash it to them and seek their blessings, Ghana man behaves like he is competing with his former boss”.

He hinted that a sharp comparison between Ghanaian men of God and Nigerian counterparts gives a fair understanding of the scenario.

watch the video below


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