George Andah Must Apologize to Hon. Hannah Tetteh and to All Women in Ghana – Young Cadres

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in staying true to its character of discrimination, superiority complex and intimidation has once again descended to the very lows of political decency by attacking the womanhood of one of the most hardworking female ministers Ghana has ever had.

In his desperation to salvage whatever is left of his failing campaign to wrestle the Awutu Senya West constituency from the Honourable Hannah Tetteh, George Andah, the NPP’s Parliamentary Candidate for the area is reported to have asked the Honourable Minster of Foreign Affairs to let the world know where her husband is. In his words “When I come, I bring my wife. Go and tell Hannah that when she is coming, she should bring her husband. Tell Hannah to show her husband to you.”

How low can we come in our political discourse? And since when did marriage become a yardstick for entering into Parliament? Did George Andah bother to do a little introspection to find out about the number of MPs in the nation’s current Parliament who are without husbands or wives?

We, the women’s wing of the Young Cadres Association of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are of the strongest view that George Andah’s unwarranted vitriolic attack against Honourable Hannah Tetteh is an attack against the very essence of womanhood; it is demeaning; it is chauvinistic; and it is way below the belt.

Accordingly, we are calling on George Andah to, as a matter of urgency, and in due recognition of the enormous roles that women play in society, apologize unreservedly to the Honourable Minister and to all women. Failure to heed this advice would mean that George Andah and his NPP still subscribe to the medieval thinking of women being subservient to men and being without the freedom to choose whatever path suits them in life.

Whilst at it, we also encourage Nana Akuffo Addo, the NPP’s septuagenarian flagbearer to condemn the elements within his party who have made it a habit to always attack and debase women. We are all aware of the numerous times the NPP officials have heaped insults against the person of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, for instance, and the deafening silence coming from the office of Nana Akuffo Addo.
We believe politics is a context of ideas about development and not about personal attacks. And we are also aware that George, bereft of any meaningful policies on how to bring development to the Awutu Senya West constituency, is resorting to personal attacks against the hardworking Hannah Tetteh all with an aim to court public disaffection for her. But such tricks would not work for him. The massive development that President Mahama and Hannah Tetteh have brought to the Awutu Senya West constituency has endeared Hannah to her people and she is sure to win again with a wide margin.

If George Andah and his NPP have nothing new to offer Ghanaians except their phantom promises, they should rest and re-organize themselves for elections 2020.

Long Live Ghana
Long Live NDC
Long Live Young Cadres

Akua Achaa
(Women’s Commissioner,
Young Cadres Association)

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