Full Report -President Mahama ranked among Africa’s top ten leaders

According to the 2012 African Leadership Index compiled by Kenya-based Nation Media Group, President Mahama scored grade ‘B’ on the index.

The grades were derived from how they placed in five respected international indices of governance including the Mo Ibrahim Index.
The indices were weighted as Mo Ibrahim Index – 10%; Democracy Index – 10%; Press Freedom Index – 10%; Corruption Index – 15%; Human Development Index – 20%; and NMG Political Index – 35%.

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The Nation Media Group (NMG) said the African leaders were assigned letter grades based on their 0-100 score, derived from the six indices.

It added that the best of the group received “A”, good performers got “B”, passable leaders got “C.”

Leaders who performed below standard received “D” and “F.”

President Mahama’s grade ‘B’ means he is one of the “good performers” in African leadership, the Index noted.

However the report considers the challenge to his presidency , It highlighted allegations of systematic stealing of ballots as suggested by the opposition New Patriotic Party.

Programmes officer at the Centre for Democratic Governance, Edward Fokuo Ampratwum told Joy News which was monitored by GhanaPoliticsonline.com such rankings are positive as they point to the kind of leaders we have.

He however noted the methodology used by the NMG was dogged by “double counting” making it problematic to grade leaders on those scores.

He also observed that the data was taken for the country and not for the leaders.

This is how President Mahama was scored by the respective Index

Mo Ibrahim Index: 66.3 (7/52)
Democracy Index: 6.02
Press Freedom Index: 28 (Free)
Corruption Index: 45 (64/174)
Human Development Index: 0.558
NMG Grade: 7/10
2012 Grade: B

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