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5th June, 2016
Press release


Mr president, the Bolga-Bawku road is a trans ECOWAS road that links Ghana to Togo, Niger, Burkina etc. The road in its good state support most of the economic activities both internationally and locally, and making transportation of goods and services easy and faster.

The safety and security as well as the health and other basic needs of the people living in and around Bawku, Zebila, Binduri, Garu, Pusiga and their environs rest solely on this road.

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However, the deplorable state of the once economically vibrant road over the years has brought an undue hardship, insecurity, hunger, fatalities and other health complications making life in the affected towns and associated communities totally unbearable.

Mr. President, per the records it is an undeniable fact that the Ghanaian citizens who hail from this part of the country are very loyal to previous NDC administrations and to current NDC and will continue to be loyal by ensuring that you (JDM)NDC emerges victorious come Nov.7 election.

However, the good people of Bawku and its environs humbly remind you of your own promise made to us in 2014, and again ask of your administration that one favour: to kindly FIX THE BOLGA- BOWKU ROAD to safe us from the undue complicated hardship associated with the deadly state of the road.

With this we don’t think we are asking for too much since in your own words, you made a promise to that effect.

We do not want to touch on the efficiency of the parliamentarians and other key government functionaries from the region who equally use this stretch of road; they can only bow their heads in great shame when matters of the Bolga- Bawku road is mentioned.

This is by no means a verdict on any leader but we believe they would have been more proactive in ensuring the promise is fulfilled in good time.

We are loyal party members forwarding the main concerns of the electorates hoping that as a listening president, you would read our plight and honour your promise by fixing the road to increase our electoral fortunes.

Though some insincere and hypocritical party members will refer to us and others who share these concerns as moles in the party after reading this write up, the truth must be told, and we remain resolute and committed together with the others to ensuring that NDC wins come Nov. 7th.

If this road gets fixed there will be no need to campaign.





1. Alaam Samuel – Garu Const. 0243811199
2. Nasara Abuosi Francis – Tempane Const. – 0200501195
3. Avoka Jarvis – Garu Const. – 020 632 1599
4. Ngoswini Prosper – Binduri consti.
5. Awini Ransford Dramani – Binduri District – 0247164446
6. Abugri Benjamin – Garu Const. – 0243513773
7. Akadigibah Francis – Garu Constituency – 0200700441
8. Ndezure Samuel-Binduri Constituency-0241564683. 9. Assibit Nicholas – Tempane constituency. 0206662647
10. Bukari Asaana Ramani – Bawku Central Const. 0244896414
11. Abugri Miriam – Garu Const. 0248126750
12. Benn Gbanwaa – Tempane Constituency
13.Benjamin Atuasi-Pusiga const.0248357378

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