Where Are The Female Voices As Akuffo-Addo’s NPP Continues To Abuse Charlotte Osei? Koku Anyidoho Asks!

It is amazing how the Angela Dwamena Aboagyes, Gloria Ofori Boadus and all the Women’s Groups that claim to be fighting for the rights of women are quiet in the face of the heavy unwarranted insults and attacks that the NPP is moving in the direction of Mrs. Charlotte Osei.

The NPP and its acolytes and affiliates continue to pour heaps of insults on the EC Chair, Mrs. Charlotte Osei for refusing to do the bidding of the desperate leading Opposition Party, and we are not hearing the Women’s Groups come the defense of Charlotte Osei.

The NPP has even gone ahead to insult the womanhood of the EC Chair yet these hitherto vocal female voices are all pretending not to be hearing the vulgar manner in which womanhood is being debased by the NPP under the leadership of Akuffo-Addo.

Charlotte Osei has made history as the firs woman to Head the EC and instead of the Women’s Groups to support her to succeed, it is sad the way they are rather quietly supporting the NPP to destroy Charlotte.

Where is Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie? Where is Gifty Anti? Where is Untie Joyce Aryee? Or is it a classical case of “women being their own enemies”?

Where is acerbic-tongued Ursula Owusu and FIDA?

So will these above-mentioned women and their Organizations have the moral right to make noise again when another woman is under attack? Indeed; the hypocrisy and double standards by so-called civil society voices is what is killing Ghana; and not politicians.Ghanapoliticsonline.com

It is now very clear that when the NPP does wrong; certain voices go silent!!! Only God knows the amount of noise these so-called Women’s Groups would have been making if it was the NDC that was unwisely attacking Charlotte Osei the way Akuffo-Addo has mandated the NPP to do. Koku Ayidoho writes …

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