Fake is good, it helps to find the original’ -Prophetic Singer ‘Abbeam A. Danso

The ‘Odomankoma’ singer, Abbeam Ampomah Danso recently on Rainbow 87.5fm with host Agyeman answered a very delicate question as to ‘whether there are fake pastors in the country’.

Abbeam A. Danso who is the assistant pastor at God’s Solution Centre with branches in both Ghana and UK is in the country to promote his new single ‘Odomankoma’ which is doing very well on radio currently.

In the prophetic singer’s response to the question from the host, as to whether there are fake pastors or not, he cannot tell but what he believes is that ‘Fake is good, it helps throw light on the original’. He said without darkness light would make no sense, he went on to advice people to be careful of what they receive as the truth, there are too many fake men of God around. They seek to enrich themselves while their congregation suffer, Abbeam Danso stated that he doesn’t segregate when it comes to his ministry and every one is so welcomed to his church; be you a prostitute or armed robber he believes Christ came to the world to save the reckless sinners.

The answer from the worshipper who doubles as philanthropist and entrepreneur got the host stunned and speechless.

He further mentioned why individuals focus on the negative stuff when they can throw their energy behind the positive. We have a lot to do for our God and one of it is to worship him unconditionally.

Touching on the new single and how people can get it, Abbeam said, the song is out every where both radio and digital.

The song is a worship song for everyone who feels rejected by society and this will help uplift their spirits.

Let us focus on life and live it with joy by worshipping our maker”, those were his closing remarks on rainbow radio on Saturday during his radio tour to promote his new worship single.

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