1. NPP govt will create jobs for all persons able and willing to work and to reward each of them appropriately. (P 5)

2. Reduced tax burden especially on workers and pensioners (P 5). Nana Addo led the Attorney General to seek an amendment to VAT and increased the threshold.

3. Totally develop the rural areas through the pursuit of aggressive integrated rural development program. (P 6)

4. Rehabilitation of our urban markets, Internationally famous as the home of the enterprising West African “market women”, and provision of adequate drainage and healthy surroundings to make them suitable places for trading and major tourists attraction. (P 14)

5. Modernisation and extension of rail network. Connection to the Northern Regions within the next decade. (P 15). Ironically, the rail sector was collapsed in this regime after creating a ministry to administer the sector.

6. Construction of houses and other facilities for such critical groups as teachers, medical personnel and security services as well as for rural dwellers. (P 15). Not even a single room was completed in 8 years.

7. The NPP govt will substantially increase the domestic budget allocation for rural water devt. By 2010, at least 90% of all Ghanaians will have access to clean water supplies, and water borne diseases will largely become a thing of the past. (P 22). Meanwhile they could only increase access to clean water by about only 2.5% in 8 years. (From 56% to 58.5%).

8. NPP govt will ensure the modernisation and availability of urban housing. For instance, subject to the agreement of stakeholders, slums shall be replaced with apartment houses with modern conveniences, which will be cost-effective and environmentally friendly. (P 20). A ministry was created for this but no single slum was replaced including Nana Addo’s Nima Flag staff house.

9. NPP govt will ensure that at least a community health nurse is located in every hamlet of the country. (P 31). Not even 1 regional hospital was built not to talk of CHPS compounds.

10. Programmes to ensure affordable energy and power sufficiency for domestic and industrial consumption. (P 15). They left office in 8 years with only 80 megawatts addition by the retrofitting done on the Akosombo dam.

11. An NPP govt will cut the size and budget of the offices of the President and Vice President, the budget and the size of the cabinet sectetariat, the number of Ministers and other Presidential appointees, and channel the resources to spur economic growth. (P 😎. They ended up constituting the largest govt ever, with multiple spokespersons, Special Assistants and Ministers of states at Sector ministries.

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