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Otumfuor’s beef with the Akyem Mafia is not an overnight development. It is a build up of many incidents of disrespect and insults directed at the person of the Asante King.

1) The Akyem Mafia were behind the fake Free Press publication after the Supreme Court Petition accusing Otumfuor of bribing the judges on President Mahama’s behalf.

2) Bediatuo had an open quarrel with Madam Georgia of Georgia Hotel, at her restaurant at Roman Ridge because he was insulting Otumfuor in public. Bediatuo later said he was just recounting history that Otumfuor’s predecessors head was cut by the Akyems and the skull is still in the Kyebi palace.

3) Ken Ofori Atta’s partner Templeton was prompted to ask Otumfuor a rude question at an investment forum in London in 2013. Otumfuor protested to Nana Addo on this matter.

4) Recently in SA, when Ken Ofori Atta was invited to call on Otumfuor who was there for medical review, he rudely said he was not in SA to be “greeting chiefs.”

5) Nana Addo was in Kumasi last weekend for a major national event – May day. He did not have the courtesy to call on the Otumfuor or even send to greet him.

6) Two incidents, one in UK and one in SA are also cited among Otumfuor’s beefs. The 1st is that, recent allegations of money laundering in UK were spread by the “Akyem mafia”. 2nd is that, news about Otumfuor buying a palatial residence in SA spread into the media only after Nana Addo visited him accompanied by Bediatuo and some others of the Akyem Mafia. Noting that former Presidents Kufuor and Mahama had visited him at the same residence without anyone the wiser.

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