Experts kick against Police proposal to shut down social media services on Election Day

The IGP John Kudalor says the Police Service is considering blocking social media platforms, particularly on Election Day to prevent misrepresentation and interference with election process.

Reacting to the IGP’s statement, a computer expert, Nii Ayiku Ayiku disagrees with the suggestion of the IGP to block social media on Election Day.

He said social media is needed for other equally important purposes such as emergencies.

According to him, the best thing to do is for the police to monitor and track the activities of miscreants and nib their negative activities in the bud.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Journalists Association, GJA, is asking the IGP to reconsider his proposal to block social media services during the 2016 election.

President of the GJA, Roland Affail Monney said the move will adversely affect the operations of the traditional media since they rely heavily on social media platforms for story ideas.

Thursday, the IGP said the Police Service is considering blocking all social media outlets as a means to ease tension as well as limit others who operate behind the networks to cause fear and panic during the election.

Many Ghanaians have reacted negatively to the statement arguing that the Police Service has no right to do that.

Mr Affail Monney said although he admits the challenges of social media, the Association will oppose any attempt to deny people the freedom to receive and send information on social media.

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