Exit from EU will not affect Ghana-UK relations -British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, says Britain’s exit from the EU will not affect economic relations with Ghana in view of the long socio-economic and historical ties between the two countries.

He said the UK will continue to remain a buoyant economic force in Europe despite the initial economic shocks it is likely to experience from leaving the EU.

Mr. Benjamin urged all to respect the decision of the British people in the interest of democracy.

On the effects of the split with the EU, Mr. Benjamin said Britain will negotiate a new relationship with the EU to project and consolidate its interest.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who was opposed to the UK leaving the EU made a speech earlier saying the people have every right to determine how they are governed and have demonstrated that through the referendum.

Mr Cameron said although he opposed the country leaving the European Union, he hopes the step taken will present the UK with an opportunity to determine its future and how to relate to the rest of its neighbours and the global community.

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