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Don’t know what to make of this but it simply means an NPP supporter has given up on Ghana under her own government.If gold should rust………..

Akua Blakofe writes…

Sadly, I’m now tired and HAVE GIVEN UP. GHANA WILL NEVER WORK, NOT IN MY LIFETIME. After 23 years back home, I now have to accept that Ghanaians back home are a special breed of greedy, evil people.

I’m done. Returning to UK. Wasted my youth here. Won’t waste any more of my life thinking about Gh. Let it burn. After what the GTDC board did to me, I’ve nothing left to offer Gh.

I don’t t know if you’re all aware, but I campaigned for CHANGE based SOLELY ON AKUFO-ADDO’s NO CORRUPTION stance. I was appointed into tourism in Feb 2017. By August I was ready to resign because all that was happening was Minister, GTA CEO AND GTDC CEO traveling for 2/3 WEEKS STRAIGHT, EACH MONTH. Instead of doing Gh tourism, they have become international tourists. I resigned and gave the board and President via First Lady my ideas for tourism, for example instead of travelling, I suggested we first clean our country. I mean, how do you travel to a clean country and invite the people there to visit your smelly, filthy country? Anyway, the board treated me like a criminal. Meanwhile the travelers are still at post. Gtdc doesn’t have a website. Yet the CEO has a budget for business class, top hotels, per diem, transport, food, shopping, nightclubbing etc. I see!

Anyway, I’m done with GH. Let it rot. Let it burn. I no longer care. I tried for 23 years. It rather made me hated. And truly observing the last 23 years, I see Gh is actually going backwards.

I’m currently out of Gh and for the first text in 23 years, I have nothing positive to say about my motherland. Sad, sad, sad. But I’ve been pushed to this point. Let Gh burn, rot, whatever… It’s no longer my concern.

Akua Blakofe

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