Energy experts react to ECG’s privatization

The ECG is being opened up for private sector participation as part of strategies to restructure the company and ensure its viability.

we have been finding out, the thoughts of some economists and Energy Experts.

First, an Economist and Head of Finance, University of Ghana Business School, Dr Godfred Bokpin, says the injection of a private sector participation into the management of ECG is not the panacea.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

According to him the problem with ECG is not only inefficiency but also, government interference particularly, concessions to public institutions.

Another Lecturer and Economist at the UCC, Dr John Gati believes privatization is necessary to change the fortunes of ECG but was quick to add, that the form of private sector involvement is what should be looked at.

He asked Ghanaians to have a change of mind over private sector participation

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