Emmanuella Korkor Tetteh Writes Open Letter To Late Prof John Evans Atta Mills

Dear Asomdwee Hene,

Agya Pa Mills, I send you warm greetings from your beloved country. It’s been 5 years since you hurriedly left us to be with your Maker.

Some of us have still not come to terms with your demise and I am no exception.

I remember vividly that day, I was at Adum going about my daily hustle when I heard and saw people crying. Apparently, the media houses had broken news of your demise. Up till now, I still don’t know how I managed to get home. I cried like I have never before.

Agya Pa, you left us too soon. I miss you but your party, the great NDC misses you the most. Your predecessor, John Dramani Mahama never recovered, you were his mentor and to him, you never finished your mentoring. Your calm wife Naadu Mills has been in a state of shock since your demise.

Ghanaians still miss your jokes and your calmness. ”….On a lighter note, before I came here, I knew I would be heckled because it is the routine, but I didn’t expect the heckling to be this gargantuan.” Hmmmm this statement when remembered always leaves me in tears and smiles.
We won the 2012 elections, am sure you were super excited up there but unfortunately we lost miserably in 2016. The loss was so great that most of us are yet to recover. We forgot our values and at a point danced to the tune of whatever music was being played. Some attributed our loss to a perceived mediocrity on our part, others said Ghanaians wanted change after 8 years and others a ‘perceived corruption’ tag on people in office. In all I said to myself, our ways are not His ways. We wanted this victory soo bad and forgot about the will of the Lord.

Currently your good friend and Chief Critic Nana Akuffo Addo is the President, as to whether he’s doing a good job, I will definitely keep you posted. They called you ‘Prof-Do-Little’ a name you smiled to because you knew what you were doing and was in no rush to please them. Most of the projects you started have all been completed by your mentee. I must confess, he did a great job (you sure know this).

Unfortunately, I have to end here as dinner is getting cold. Will surely write to you again.
Your daughter,

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