Elikplim Akurugu celebrates birthday with Elders and Patrons in Dome Kwabenya Constituency

Leading NDC executive member in the Dome Kwabenya Constituency Hon Elikplim Akurugu last week partied with elders, patrons and members and veterans in National Democratic Congress in her constituency who have worked for the party in many ways since 1992 but have not been recognized and have been relegated to the background.

The leading member who is also aspiring to be Parliamentary Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Dome-Kwabenya Constituency that she used to celebrate her birthday by donating to orphanage homes and charities but this time she decided to invite the old age in the constituency.

“Do onto others what you wish must be done to you , whether we like it or not old age will catch up with us unless God decides to call you before time”, she said

According to her, before she decided to lead the party in her constituency she visited the whole constituency and her research work informed her that the old aged within her constituency where not happy with the party, considering their contribution to the party which has not yielded any results so she decided that she will bring all of them together on her birthday, just to socialize and learn from them and also hear from them.

She emphasised on the fact that since some of the veterans have not seen each other for a long time looking at the smiles on their faces she believes it has paid off .

Elikplim Akurugu reiterated her commitment and preparedness for the contest ahead of her, whiles going round and consulting the wards, she was also advised by many to do research which has been done with the findings being worked on.

To her the research tells that the notion that Dome Kwabenya is a safe seat is not true, and tables will turn in favor of the NDC in the constituency in 2020.

Elikplim Akurugu who is enjoying the support of even NPP members in the area, promised to organize health screening for the aged, especially the Dome-Kwabenya NDC faithfuls whose health conditions are deteriorating.

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