Dr Bawumia Must Review cost ($2.5m) of “419” GPS

You condemned ghc3.6m bus branding involving over 100 buses, refund was made anyway after a directive from government in 2015. Fast forward, you came into power and in your first year in office, you bought a scrap called GPS for $2.5million and used additional ghc3.5million or c35bn to advertise it.

Ironically, someone who wanted to use this scrap GPS to get the digital address of his home eventually was directed to a public toilet instead of his home. Yet same person who perpetrated this fraud on Ghanaians is out there chasing the wind.

In the case of the bus branding, the sector minister on principle of “ultimate responsibility” resigned even though there was a refund.

In the case of the 419 GPS, nobody has resigned, no refund is made and yet when Ghanaians complained, you then organize press conference in the name of clearing your chest.

The advertisements for the for 419 GPS, assuming that this money was available to government today, it could have been able to cater for the drilling of 26 mechanized boreholes at a unit cost of ghc132,000 per NPP 2018 budget under the ministry of special initiatives with a change of ghc68,000 left.

Again, assuming that the government decided to for the unit cost of PURC 2016 proposed borehole project estimates of ghc60,000 per one mechanized borehole, *which the npp in opposition said it’s unreasonable and expensive* , government would have been able to provide 58 mechanized boreholes perhaps in 58 rural communities which do not have potable drinking water supply with a change of ghc20,000.

As we speak today, Ghanaians don’t know which media networks did the advertisement of the scrap (419) GPS, in what form and time and how many slots were done.

If Dr Bawumia is truly interested in value for money as he claims, then he must review the cost of the $2.5m 419 GPS.

Dr Bawumia you have cotton wool soaked with petrol as your garments, you get closer to flames 🔥 at your own RISKS.


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