Disregard propaganda photos – N/R Minister

The Northern Regional Minister, who doubles as the Parliamentary candidate for Walewale, Northern Region on the ticket of the governing NDC, Hon. Abdullah Abubakar has called on the public to disregard ‘’propaganda photos’’ of him, circulating on social media that he was campaigning in a police Mahindra truck.

The photos of the Parliamentary candidate saw him in a pose with his hands raised in the air with residents cheering at his entry into the town.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

Some section of the media reported that he was campaigning with a police vehicle.

But commenting on the issue, Hon. Abdullah described the circulation of the pictures, as an attempt by his political opponents to tarnish his image and undermine his integrity.

According to him, the pictures are not new since the event captured on the photos was an official visit to his hometown after he was sworn in as a minister.

Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Frontline on Rainbow Radio, the Regional Minister said, he only joined the police vehicle for protection due to the overwhelming crowd that came out to witness his gallant entry.

‘’It is not correct that I used the police vehicle for campaigning, and I want everyone to disregard it and consider it as political propaganda from my political opponents who want to tarnish my image. I am a student and a practitioner of governance and I understand very well that, the police institution must be protected from partisanship.

The picture in issue was when I was sworn in as a Regional Minister and having my official visit to the Chief and a visit to my hometown, Walewale… The people of Walewale were so excited that one of them has been made a minister and upon arrival, the streets were full of people to welcome me; and yet I wanted to appreciate the people who had poured out to appreciate their brother, son and grandson who have been made a minister and; therefore, I could not sit in my V8 and ignore to appreciate them.

Hon. Abdallah Abubakar added, he was afraid at the number he saw and to ensure his safety and security, he had to join the police vehicle. ‘’In order to appreciate them, I stepped out of the vehicle in order to wave at them; unfortunately, the people were too many that we were afraid of a mob attack or something.

So I decided to seek refuge to be protected by the police and also have the opportunity to appreciate the people to welcome their brother, a minister. This is not a campaign matter; it was not a party activity. And I have not even launched my campaign yet. So I will be surprised if anyone comes at me, suggesting that I’m on a campaign platform.

For now, I’m taking my time as a regional minister to follow through the region; I have not been able to finish my official visits in some parts of the region; in order to pay courtesy call on the people to understand their development concerns, and I’m seriously doing that…It is a lie,’’ he stressed.

According to him, the move should not be since as an abuse of office rather a security situation due to attacks by his political opponents.

“…You know what is happening in this country as far as security is concerned now. Security is a very important matter-and despite the fact that I want to avail myself and appreciate their efforts at welcoming me home, I was also mindful of my security…It was not a political platform.

“There were journalist there who will attest to this fact. It was not a political activity but an official assignment to visit the Chief to inform him of my take over as regional minister.”

Hon. Abdullah Abubakar said he saw one activist in his area share the photos on social media, but he is not worried because that will not distract him from discharging his duty as a minister.


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