Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) is A Fake And Two more Ghanaians Arrested in Kenya

More questions are being raised about the motives behind the attempt by former NPP National Chairman Peter Mac Manu and Director General of the National Communications Authority to travel to “observe” the elections in Kenya.

Research shows that the Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) with which Mac Manu, Joe Anokye and their team sought to enter Kenya is a FAKE.

The trick was to mimic the defunct Democrat Union of Africa (also DUA) which was formed in Senegal 20 years ago in 1997.

Cursory research shows a difference between the DEMOCRAT Union of Africa and the DEMOCRATIC Union of Africa. The website of the defunct DEMOCRAT Union of Africa shows the members of the Union in Africa of which NPP is their member party representing Ghana. The DEMOCRAT Union of Africa is largely defunct. The last time their website was updated was 7 months ago by an anonymous administrator.

DEMOCRATIC Union of Africa is a fake creation in Accra. Its electronic address is traced to Accra with a security code. It is obvious the website does not exist. It is clear that this fake version of the DUA was created to mimic the Senegal DUA and create a cover for them to enter Kenya to assist the opposition NASA handle their IT systems.

International watchers believe that this matter needs further investigation as to why high profile political party figures will attempt to interfere in the democratic process of a sister African country to engineer regime change. Why would a high ranking public officer like Joe Anokye, heading a sensitive institution like Ghana’s National Communication Authority (NCA) travel to a sister African country to aid the opposition party effect regime change?

Relations between Ghana and Kenya could be strained if the ruling Jubilee coalition are able to retain power as it appears to be manifesting with early results trickling in. The question many are asking is, what does President Akufo Addo know about this clandestine conspiracy to achieve regime change in a sister African country?

Government’s statement declaring disinterest in Kenya’s elections following the embarrassing debacle is not washing and is actually raising more questions than answers.

This is a low point for Ghana’s international reputation and only a thorough investigation of the intentions of the Ghanaians involved in this “Kenya Affair” and effective sanctions against them can redeem the nation’s image.

It is also emerging that another two Ghanaians on the same dirty mission have been arrested at Jomo Kenyatta airport and are in the process of being deported.

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