Conflicting govt responses unpardonable – JJ

unpardonable for different government officials to be issuing contradictory responses to allegations made against the Mahama administration or the governing party, former President Jerry John Rawlings has condemned.

“Today it is not uncommon for there to be multiple and contradictory responses from government officials to allegations against government or party. This is understandable, but also unpardonable,” Mr. Rawlings said, adding at the party’s headquarters on June 10 as part of its 24th anniversary.

The founder of the NDC also used the occasion to admonish the party’s leaders at all levels to learn to accept criticism and also make the forthcoming November polls devoid of a “poisonous” atmosphere.

“The NDC must not allow its desire to stay in power to compel its leaders at various levels to descend into the gutter to contribute to an atmosphere of insecurity.”

“…We have to accept criticism in good faith, and recognise the fact that criticism is quite often the best form of praise: it offers you an opportunity to assess your weakness and better appreciate how others perceive you,” Mr. Rawlings advised the party.

“Mr. President, distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen; the NDC will have to lead all of us involved in the quest for power, in ensuring that this year’s election is concluded in an atmosphere of transparency.”

Ensuring free and fair elections devoid of unfortunate incidents, Mr. Rawlings said, “will be a huge plus and credit to the NDC and we have a responsibility to direct all our operatives to comport themselves during the most trying moments of the campaign in the election period.”

“We cannot win the trust of the people by putting up unnecessarily aggressive and abrasive behavior. It will sour the electoral result and poison an already challenged political environment. …Let’s be of our best behaviour,” he admonished.


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