The Chief of Staff Mr Julius Debrah has expressed his eternal gratitude to the Chiefs and people of the Upper West Region for their massive show of support for his Excellency President John Dramani Mahama during his campaign in the region for the the latter.

He made his heartfelt observation as he wrapped up his campaign in the region.

From the Wa Naa’s Palace through the Palaces of the Wechiau Naa, the Dorimon Naa, the Nandom Naa, the Lawra Naa, the Bulenga Naa, the Kaleo Chiefs, the Takpo Naa he was welcomed and adorned with a Smock each time.

From the rally grounds at Bulenga through to the mammoth gathering in Nadowli-Kaleo the unity of purpose of the people behind President Mahama was resounding. It was evident in the appreciation the Chiefs showed for the observably bold development agenda of the government of President Mahama. And it was evident in the endorsement the people gave as the Chief of Staff delivered the President’s message at each venue. The goodwill was palpable at every palace; it was unequivocal even at the parks.

Through it all the party functionaries have been the best in executing their organisational duties, bringing to the fore the NDC’s unequalled grassroots mobilisation prowess. To them Mr Julius Debrah has bowed in show of respect.

For that level of support of support to the President who the Chiefs adamantly called “our brother”, the Chief of Staff says he cannot be grateful enough, knowing very well that come December 7th the Chiefs and their subjects will make an overwhelming statement by voting to retain President Mahama as President of the Republic of Ghana for the next four years.

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