Boniface Abubakar Is Now Like An American Ambassordor To Madina

Before the 2016 parliamentary election, Boniface Abubakar, was the most visible and accessible candidate in Madina.

He answered to every call and attended every programme, from naming ceremony to wedding to funerals.

Typical and characteristics of African politicians, who only care about power, immediately after he was declared the winner, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, has now, become a stranger to his constituents.

The promises he made were many, one that is of paramount to the residents of Madina is the Madina New Road road that is deteriorating by the day, especially with the onset of the rain.

This particular road passes in front of his house, a house he had when he started life. The rains have set in and the road is becoming unmotorable with every downpour.

We know MPs are not agents of development, but they can facilitate. Boniface Abubakar Saddique, is eroding the gains he made for himself and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the last election.

Residents of Madina, cannot continue to endure the bad nature of the roads, only to see machines and workers in 2020, pretending to be fixing it.

As if their past experience in the hands of the former MP is not enough, the savior is turning out to be another disaster.

The people are not asking for more than the MP can provide, if he cares enough, he will get a grader to level the place and make the road motorable until, helps come to fix from the central government.

The only thing he has done since his election was to get a private company to build an astroturf.

An astroturf is good, but it wasn’t the reason why the constituents voted for him. Being an MP, is more than an astroturf that is going to put money in his pocket.

There is not much for the MP, who is becoming unpopular among his party members to do, because Madina is among the few constituencies across the country, that are already developed. The main concern of the constituents is the road that leads to the market, main lorry station and to the Municipal Assembly.

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