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Betway Ghana introduces single bet option

In an effort to thrill and please its fans as well as bettors, Betway Ghana has added single bet options on top of its other betting options on its platform. The company is aiming to stand out by providing its clients with variety of options to help them win more easily and enjoy betting. How does the single bet options available in https://www.betway.com.gh/ work?

Common Betting Options

Before we understand how a single bet option works, let us first look at the bet options available on the Betway Ghana platform. Betway Ghana primarily offers two betting options, single bets and multi bets. With a single bet, a bettor places a bet on just one selection or market, allowing them to cash in as soon as one of the predictions is correct. With this option, a bettor’s earnings will not depend on the outcome of all the matches they had made predictions. Thus, single bets are the safest sports betting options you will ever find on Betway.

A multi bet, on the other hand, is the opposite of a single bet. With this option, the bettor will bet on more than one match and only cash in if all bets are correct. If they bet on 10 games, for instance, and only one match ends with a different outcome whereas the other nine come to a close with outcomes predicted, the bettor loses.

Why Single Bet Over Multi-bet?

The one obvious advantage of single bets is that they offer higher win chances and lower loss probabilities. As you already know, the more bets you place the greater your risks of losing are. Even though single bets may seem less appealing than multi-bets due to their lower payouts, betting on a single match alone with an obvious outcome increases your chances of winning than wagering on several matches some of whose outcomes are very unpredictable.

The only disadvantage of these bets is lower payouts, thanks to their lower risks. Lower risks are associated with lower returns so are single bets. However, this is not a major issue for many bettors who would rather bet on a single game whose outcome they are very sure about rather than place a wager on many teams with lots of uncertainties with respect to the outcomes. Betting larger amounts is the key here as it offsets the lower stakes that these less risky bet options on the Betway Ghana betting platform offer.


Betway Ghana has made it even easier for its fans and bettors to cash in by introducing the single bet option. This option is the safest as it has a lower risk compared to the multibet option. If you want to make profits on the platform, you need a well thought out strategy and approach rather than greed. That strategy and approach is none other than single bets. It is better to go for less and win than to go for more and lose it all in the end. So, are you going to try out the new betting option Betway introduced recently?

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