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Our journalists must see their profess as primary instrument in the creation of public opinion and also, regard their calling as a trust and be eager at all times to serve and guard the interests of the public including the business class. Because of political manipulation and selfish interest some of our journalists do not attach due value to fundamental human and social right in the discharge of their duties and deliberately fail to hold good faith and fair play in news report and comments as essential professional obligations.

I have been following Manasseh Azure and Jospong group’s issue with regards to the Waste Bin contract between Jospong Group and Ghana government and feel shattered within as a young businessman. I am an ardent reader of his articles and have been following him on his social media platforms but must say i am disappointed in the man. A journalist of his stature should endeavour to ensure that information he disseminates is factually accurate. Based on the facts stated in Jospong’s response, Azure and Multimedia got it wrong. The contract between Government and the group had a stipulated lifespan and conditions and the two agreed not to discontinue the project based on these inherent conditions. Government discontinued the project because of financial constraints so why the glorification and commendations?. Per the facts on the table, Azure and Multimedia got it wrong and should voluntarily rectify the inaccuracies in their story. It is obligatory to give fair publicity to a correlation of contradiction when a report punished is shown to be false or inaccurate in material particulars.

He has allowed his personal interest, his agenda against the Jospong Group and external manipulations to influence his professional conduct eroding that beautiful image which forced some of us to crave for his articles. I am not saying he shouldn’t do his investigative work. My worry is that strong desire to collapse businesses of our hardworking entrepreneurs via peddling of lies about them and their businesses. He and his colleagues must be very conscious of their obligation to protect all Ghanaians and shouldn’t seek to deprive innocent citizens of their livelihood by unfair means. Azure’s agenda against Jospong is blatant blackmail and will respectfully appeal to the Media Commission and the GJA to investigate him and his accomplices immediately.

He should stop exploiting his status for non journalistic purposes and focus on the government of the day. The group and its owner are above this childish paid to act game. We must celebrate successful persons in society and learn from from them. We need more of these brains to support our governments.

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