Another poor version from the NPP manifesto on Creative Arts – kasapa fm Host Kojo Preko Dankwa

2016 Radio and Television Personality (RTP) nominee, Kojo Preko Dankwa has jabbed the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the party’s position on the creative Arts Industry, as contained in its Manifesto for the 2016 elections.

The host of Kasapa FM’s Entertainment Show, expressed his discontentment on why the NPP will establish a Creative Arts Council to co-ordinate and harmonize the various interest and fragmented associations into well functioning body to protect the interest of members, saying the necessity for the various associations is to establish structures to solve the copyright and piracy issues disturbing the growth of the industry.

He however commended the opposition party for their innovative idea to provide the public sector interest to acquire the technology and equipment needed to log creative works, in order to determine true and deserved royalties.


I am back again to go through another mileage of manifesto travelling and the impact on the creative industry. I did a quick one with the NDC and I made it clear that their impact on the creative industry was poor.

I come before thee with my take on the NPP manifesto and what they say about the creative arts. We will tackle tourism later on.

Another poor version from the NPP manifesto when it comes to creative arts. Maybe the copying galore/sickness entered the area of creative arts with NPP.

1- NPP says it will establish CREATIVE ARTS COUNCIL to coordinate and harmonise the various interest and fragmented associations into well functioning body to protect the interest of members. Oh why NPP?? Where were the likes of Socrate Sarfo and co when this section was written? When the NPP use the word fragmented associations what do they mean? For the records all the associations as far as I know are working very well to create positive impact on their members. Ghana book publishers, Musiga, Ghana culture forum, etc. The common interest of these associations is clear and not disorganized. What they need is the necessary structures/ systems practicable to solve the bigger issues like piracy, copyright etc.

Whereas the purpose of NPP creating Arts Council, the NDC has already established and inaugurated an interim creative Arts council. (24th September, 2016) – Tourism minister inaugurates interim creative arts council: The following are some of their responsibilities

A- Draft creative arts legal and regulatory framework for promoting the industry

B- Would help the ministry to fashion out appropriate policies and administrative structures that can propel the growth of the industry as a major pillar for socio-economic advancement.

C- Regional stakeholders sensitization workshop done to present the document to industry players and stakeholders to incorporate their new ideas into the final document.

D- Document currently being put together by attorney generals department help the ministry facilitate the passage of the creative industry bill to mature into law.

E- The ministry has tasked a nine member committee to execute.

Ghana culture forum Musiga Ghana book publishers Copyghana Among others are part of the membership.

The NPP says they will create Art fund to make available funds to modernise and develop the sector.

My question here is this

1- What do we need the fund for when there is an already a Ministry with allocated budget to help the industry to develop.

2- What do you want to modernize (be specific)

Here we are always creating fund like the NDC also wanting to create funds for aged in the industry.Musiga, GHAMRO etc already have funds made available for these areas.

NPP, what happened to the strengthening of already established laws and enforcing them to deal with the rot in the system that either robs or steal from the creative industry (piracy etc?)

Good point when one of the areas the manifesto looked at was the collaboration with public sector interest to acquire the technology and equipment needed to log creative works in order to determine true and deserved royalties. I’m sure GHAMRO will be happy to hear this. But the question I ask is do we need government’s assistance to buy this equipment?? Hmmmm, GHAMRO and other CMOs. (Need answers).

Touching on the establishment of copyright office in Tamale to provide for the Northern sector in addition to existing ones- Accra and Kumasi. I stand to be corrected; Is Ashanti region not part of the Northern sector is the services of copyright in Kumasi not extended to Tamale? Ahhh well!!!.Do we know the cost of an office and the investment that goes into it, what is the criteria use in establishing an office?

What has happened to the following NPP!!

Film Bill in 2006 Nana Akomea signed the forward of the Bill but it never saw light. Film Bill since 80s still lying in parliament, both NPP and NDC have failed in passing out the film bill. This law if passed will solve all the major challenges in the industry but it was neglected. Socrate Sarfo, a member of the creative art for change but couldn’t foresee the worry in his own industry??? Omg!!!!!. Film bill by the law will come up with fund to help the industry and also regulate the airwaves.

Piracy: One of the killers in the industry and I was thinking that the manifestos will bring out practical measures to halt and eradicate this canker. Carlos Sakyi my very good friend was one of the personalities fighting the issue of piracy. This will solve the problem and stop the creation of fund here fund this. This is Ghana and creation and board members for funds. The very things that are killing us are not tackled.

Copyright act 2005(act 690) NPP wants to deal with the provision that provides protection of Adinkra symbols and the older Kente designs as expression of folklore. I’m asking… The act already provides a whole national folklore board; what has been their mandate??? Eeeeiiii Ghana.

Creation of a division of the high court to focus on creative arts to deal with

Intellectual property rights, complete with a dedicated enforcement unit. Good one there!!!! And let’s hope it come to pass when Ghanaian gives the NPP the mandate.

Another good looking side of the manifesto is the pursuance of the construction of modern large seating theatres in every regional capital except Accra. NPP why do you neglect Accra??? You think Conference centre and national theatre are enough for Accra??? Are we serious????

National Theatre- we are misusing it. Is basically for theatres and drama.

Conference centre is basically for conferences and because we lack venues we forced to use it. I can’t think far!!!!!. NAM (non- aligned movement) conference in 1991 brought conference centre.

The theatres you want to build across the regions should have rooms for music shows/events .

What has happened to our film village and how as an industry dealt with it. What has happened to the money pumped into the area of the Ghallywood- public accounts committee sat and the ice breaking monies invested into the making of the film village.


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