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Angry Nat’l Service Personnel to picket at Flagstaff House

The Concerned National Service Personnel Association of Ghana, has threatened to picket the Flagstaff House.

The Service Personnel has given government up to Monday, October 23, 2017 to pay them their September allowance or face their wrath.
Convener of the group William Agbodo, said they are yet to receive their allowance after they were posted in September this year for their mandatory national service.

He said the government has failed to pay service personnel two months into their service, a situation that is negatively affecting its members.

Speaking to Accra-based Class FM, Mr Agbodo said they would go any length to ensure they receive what is due them, including picketing the seat of government.

He said: “As the norm, the government normally pays monthly salary to service persons and we were of the hope that as soon as we submit our duty forms, not sooner than later, we will be paid. But we’ve been waiting all this while, we are in October now and we have no hope of when we are going to be paid. So we are impressing on government to try to make sure that at least if nothing at all, our September allowance should be paid to us because the hardship in the country is unbearable.

“So if we are going without such allowance, how do we survive at our work places? We are not demanding much, we are just demanding our allowance which is not that much compared to what other public servants are now enjoying. We are giving them up to 23rd [October] of which we are just hoping that by then, government will listen to our cry and honour its role by paying us, if nothing at all, September allowance.”
He added: “But if they fail to do so, national service personnel across the country are willing and ready to picket the Flagstaff House sooner than later.”

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