Sometimes one wonders whether the Akufo Addo led administration is confused or perhaps it is forgetful or may be it is untruthful.

In a difficult period like what we experiencing you need to put your best hands and as a leader, you have to be unsentimental and take hard decisions.

Ghana is in recession,we need our best hands and political jokers. The solution to our woe is not packing appointees in a bus for populist propaganda. Success in governance comes from deciding early on in what direction you as President want to go and only bring in appointees who are going in the same direction as you are. Such appointees will help you overcome your weaknesses. The difference is that wise leaders focus on recovering from mistake while leaders lacking in wisdom focus on who to blame.

The President should display same eloquence at announcing to the public what he has done as he is an expert in informing the public what it is that Former President Mahama allegedly did or did not do. The President must apply himself to generating wealth for the nation the same way it has devoted himself towards borrowing and issuing bonds. Ghanaians wish the President would have been as proficient in arresting Ghana’s recession, collapsing of banks and businesses as he is arresting critics.

History is now repeating itself in Ghana. Since electing Nana Addo eighteen months ago, Ghana’s economy has suffered severe crisis with banks and businesses collapsing the worst in 25 years. Prices have skyrocketed. Investors have packed their bags and left Ghana. Job losses and layoffs have increased geometrically. Petrol stations have surreptitiously doubled their prices. Friends of the current President and some respected international researchers warned Ghanaians about the bankruptcy of Akufo Addo. Their words have now become prophetic.

President Mahama also warned Ghanaians about the bankruptcy of Akufo Addo and his Npp. He said in the heat of the 2016 election campaign :”The choice before Ghanaians in the coming election is simple. It is a choice between going forward and backward, between new ways and old ways, between freedom and repression, between record of visible achievements and beneficial reforms bad desperate power seekers with empty promises”

After 18 months of a disastrous Akufo Addo Presidency, only die-hard Akufo Addo supporters and family members who are being paid from our taxes can deny that Mahama’s warning has not come true.

Under the circumstances we find ourselves, how can the government celebrate its Second- year anniversary except by attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of Ghanaians?What precisely can Akufo Addo claim credit for in his 18 months of woeful, do-nothing presidency

Let me respectfully ask my fellow countrymen a question: has there ever been a political party in the history of Ghana that had such a genius for totally meaningless prattle like the ruling Npp which is self righteous and well versed in the art of hypnotising the masses with outright misleading information for political gains? I have done my personal research work, have listened to oral history, have prayed to our ancestors but have found no match to this propagandist organization’s hypocrisy and predilection for deception on the scale we are faced today. The President’s modus operandi of never conceding to defeat at the polls, shielding corrupt officials, militarism and vigilantism is having damning affect on his governance.

Discerning minds including some of the President’s own close friends were cynical about the change message and intentions, even though it somewhat resonated with the yearnings of the masses. These discerning minds repeatedly warned us that it (CHANGE) was not born out of any genuine desire for change, but rather it was a convenient mantra used to hoodwink the people for support, and ultimately to seize and consolidate power for their selfish interest.

Just eighteen (18) months and look at the scandals

-Contaminated fuel (Bost)

-$2.25 billion bond scandal

-Kelni GVG stinking deal

-$15 million digital addressing system

-Hawa Koomson’s Ghc 800,000 website

-The $1.42 billion National ID Card Registration deal

-The famous Ameri renegotiation deal

-The Cash for Seat Scandal

-$134 million oil deal

-The deputy chiefs of staff- Korle Bu connection

– £600,000 cantoment mansion

-The Ghana lottery Authority scandal

-The Ghc 800 million unaccounted for (Ministry of Finance etc)

-GNPC board chairman’s buying of 275 brand new buses for 275 constituencies

-The Ghana Gas scandal

-The ultramodern pharmaceutical company in Gabon.

Instead of focusing on his job, the President is still blaming his predecessor and promising. It is a shame that a section of the public can’t even reason anymore when these lies are dished out to them in official doublespeak. In discussions at bars media platforms, articles in newspapers, post on our walls, the true lies are waxed in the rhetoric of false sense of achievements. Any contrary view is quickly labelled as sponsored even in the face of hard facts contained in that view

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