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Akufo Addo’s Family and Friends stealing tax payers money through unnecessary offices (Picture)

It’s really crazy in this Akufo Addo government how they are misusing our tax.

We have a presidential staffer paid with taxpayers money just to oversee the building of a national cathedral in Accra. What a shameful government full of hungry individuals. We are so religious that we want to build a cathedral for Jesus but out of the 30 million Ghanaians we can not find a single religious person who can offer that to “God’ for free. Even not a single person who can see the building for free as a volunteer or whatever.

Go to Dag Haward Mills’ Anagkazo at Mampong and ask the staff there how many of them are paid salaries. Almost everybody there is a volunteer for God but this Akufo Addo government has no volunteerism spirit for God and country. They are misusing state funds like real gangsters.

The same people who criticize John Mahama and NDC government for having 678 presidential staffers had 998 after a year in power. Today there are over 1500 staffers that are just misusing state funds. They are so many that I am sure HE the president has lost count. Every government spends taxpayers money on unnecessary things but this NPP has made it like Ghana owes them and their family and friends money so everyone wants to steal tax payers money through unnecessary offices.

I just saw the list this evening from a parliamentary public servant. I was marveled when they told me so I wanted to see it for my own eyes.

People are dying, many are losing their jobs and we have a staffer overseeing a building for hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedis then the same president will turn around and ask why 88 districts don’t have district hospitals.

If governments continue to go around the world borrowing money and invest it and our tax money into Akomfem which will vamoose into thin air, aboboyaa which will vamoose into thin air, import a stone to build a cathedral and make such appointments and pay them, how will we get money to build the country.

Yes the stones used in building the cathedral are been imported from overseas.

“Office of the overseer of the National Cathedral.” is this a position that should be given V8 and huge salary?

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