Akufo-Addo is Anti-Zongo; Chooses Nephew’s Birthday Over Eid-ul-Adha”- ZONGO CAUCUS

We are proud Muslims and cherish our religion as such. As true and dedicated ones for that matter, nothing gladdens our heart than to see even non Muslims showing in practical terms true commitment towards ensuring peaceful coexistence between us and other religious groupings in this country, especially those aspiring to occupy the highest office of this land.

Its for this and other reasons that all members of Zongo Caucus, will forever continue to mention former president Jerry Rawlings and NDC party’s names for manifesting their true love for the over three thousand Zongo communities in Ghana through the following;

1. Granting two public holidays during Idd Fitr and Idd Adha celebrations.
2. Introducing Islamic/Arabic studies into the school curriculum.
3. Dignifying Hajj pilgrimage in Ghana by providing Hajj village with all social ammenities.
4. Introducing Makaranta module into the YEA programme to offer jobs for the teeming Zongo youth.
5. Last but not the least elevating and dignifying the high office of the Chief Imam.

Its in respect of the above enviable record of the NDC that some us thought that Nana Addo led NPP were this time around going to walk their talk through the “Zongo Fund” promise coupled with a “Muslim Running mate” mantra.

Ladies and gentlemen, true to the fear of most of the Zongos, Nana Addo has once again shown in practical terms his disrespect for Zongos and all Muslims in Ghana by choosing his nephew’s birthday celebration over this All important Idd Adha celebration.

Our question to Dr. Bawumia is,where was he when Nana decided to travel to celebrate with his nephew instead of joining him and his Nasara club members to celebrate Idd Adha? How does he feel about this unacceptable behavior from his boss? Are we wrong to call Nana Addo an anti Zongo man? Are we in Zongo Caucus wrong to accuse his boss of nursing the intention of visiting on us the unfortunate 1969 “monk), monk)” barbaric and disgraceful act?
We are therefore, calling on all the Zongos in Ghana to take a second look at this rhetoric’s of a promise by Nana Addo and his NPP, for the devil you know,…..

Rahman, RS, C/R Zongo Caucus (0243948544)

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