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Kibi Presbyterian College of Education
12th June 2016

Immediate press release:

Nana Addo happens to be a native of Kyebi. Kyebi is believed to be one of the banks for the NPP. But this time round the “OPERATIONS KYEMU P3″ was set in Kyebi by TEIN executives to to make sure President Mahama grabs half of the votes from Nana’s hometown.

On Sunday 11th June 2016, the four walls of Kibi Presbyterian College of Education was shook by the parliamentary candidate for Abuakwa South constituency and some party executives from the Eastern Region and the Abuakwa South constituency.

Hon Owuraku Amofa happens to be a cousin to Nana Addo. He was former deputy communication minister under the Rawlings government. He also served as a deputy Tourism minister before leaving government. He was the guest speaker for the program.

He was the Member of Parliament for Abuakwa Central between 1992 and 1996. He defeated his own relative and entered parliament in 1992. It was during his time that various developmental projects transformed Kyebi. He extended electricity to Kyebi, he lobbied for the Kyebi Govt hospital, constructed roads from Suhum to Kyebi. Made sure a senior high school was provided. These and many more projects went on. His cousin, Nana Addo succeeded him and he transformed Kyebi negatively. The kind of transformation he brought we are all aware. Nothing to write home about. Instead of him maintaining what his relative had done, he destroyed them. He couldn’t manage his own hometown, If he can’t manage two thousand people how much more 27 million people. Ever since Nana became the leader of the NPP, there has never been peace in their camp. Suspension here and there. Is Nana telling us that he can’t manage Kyebi and NPP? Come on, then there’s no way he can manage this whole nation.
These were words from Hon Owuraku Amofa’s own mouth…”no Ghanaian should think of voting for my uncle. He will be the worst person for Ghana.” He said NDC is for jobs, opportunities, developments, stability. He entreated all TEIN members to make sure that necessary votes are gotten for the NDC. The NPP destroyed all those infrastructures that will put monies into our pockets and it is the president’s duty to restore them in order to put monies into people’s pocket in his next term of office…he added. Alot was said but his final message to Ghanaians was…”if a crocodile comes out of a river and tells you the fish has only one eye, there’s no need to put a challenge to that” He knows Akuffo Addo well and he can never be a good president for Ghana.

The entourage was led by the Eastern Regional Deputy youth organizer, madam Benedicta Lasie. She advised the TEIN members to refrain from evil. She said the NDC is a very peaceful party. So TEIN being the intellectual wing of the party should use intellectual means to win vote for the NDC not radical means. Nana Asare, constituency youth organizer also gave a word of advise to TEIN members. He has been the backbone of the association right from it inception till now.

I would use this medium to announce to the general public of our inauguration ceremony which comes of 25th June 2016 at Kibi Presbyterian College of Education. We pledge our support for the NDC party , the president and all NDC parliamentary candidates. “OPERATION KYEMU P3 ” at Kyebi on our minds. We will also take this medium to advise all Trainees to vote for the President. This scrapping of allowances has paved way for you and I to be in our various colleges. The govt feeds us three times a day which is not done in a tertiary institution. Just recently we are all received our 560 cedis and 1200 cedis. This govt has done alot for us. Currently a three storey house is being built in our various campuses.

#Colleges of Education support JM

#Trainees choose JM

Long live KPCE TEIN

Long live NDC

Long live mother Ghana.

Thank you

Ekow Paintsil Djan

Gen. Secretary


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