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Ahotor Fm’s News- Editor Onantefour Beaten By Police In Tema

The substantive news editor at Ahotor Fm, a Tema based Private radio station, Mr. Onantefour Addei Mununkum had his life cushioned by a uniformed police office who came to his rescue and whisk him away from a dreadful scene, after he was beaten, thrashed and manhandled by some military and police personnel who were deployed allegedly by the Tema Metropolitan Assembly to oversee a sudden demolition exercise in lashibi Transformer, a suburb in Tema West Constituency of the Greater Accra region, on Monday.

Narrating the incident on Monday to Nalex news 360, the vociferous and enigmatic broadcast Journalist who doubled as the station’s ( Ahotor 92.3 fm) lead news editor, retorted that ” since the starlets game was slated to come off at noon, we broadcasted our news bulletin much earlier and so afterwards my team of reporters left the office for lunch. And hence I was all alone when I received a distress Information, by the front, that some aggrieved artisans were looking for me at the premises of Ahotor FM. So I decided to see them and asked what had brought them to see the news crew at that juncture. Upon arrival however they explained to me that some police, military and TMA taskforce have besieged an area called Lashibi Transformer where they do their bricks businesses to undertake a painstaking demolition exercise and the officers in question have ceased their cellphones in order to prevent them to establish contact with their loved ones and friends.” He accented the ordeal.

Further more, a frail looking but not too delighted Onantefour explained that, he then accosted the aggrieved person’s to the location where the supposed demolition exercise was scheduled to take place in order to satisfy himself with first hand information for onward broadcast and publication.

Furthermore, in his quest by acting as a bystander, and not as a reporter on assignment on a specified beat, a uniformed Military personnel approached him and demanded that he explain the reasons why he was at the scene since the area has been coded off by the military and is now being manned by those security operatives in the area since it now falls under their jurisdiction respectively.

Meanwhile, just as he sought to revealed and offer satisfactory answers to the men on duty, an unprovoked police and a military officer manhandled him with slaps on his face , and threatened​ to beat him to death if he doesn’t leave the scene of the exercise. And that they were on a mission to carry out a lawful assignment and hence doesn’t require the presence of any journalist or a media house for publicity. They fumed, trolled and heckled him to leave the site for his own safety.

Similarly the news editor pleaded and however remark to explain himself and even asked for clemency but the animalistic looks ( emblematic description) and furious- calculated security personnel were adamant and persisted to show him where power lies by kicking him both left , right and center, till he became restless.

However, he stressed on this platform( named news) that ” it took the intervention of one police personnel whom I know personally and was with the team and saw what was going on and rescue me from the situation which ensued between myself​ and the security operatives at the location, else I would have been dead by now in the hands of well built police , military and TMA taskforce operatives” he bemoaned and lamented in pain.

He also indicated that the matter has since been reported to the Lashibi Divisional Police Commands for further Investigations​.

Subsequently, the Ahotor FM’s Chief News scribe has stated that when he contacted the Tema Metropolitan Assembly to assertion the veracity of the supposed demolition exercise, in lashibi ‘Transformer’ they denied knowledge about it and have since remained tight lipped.

Nalex News 360 will go behind the story and bring readers up-to-date on this developing story in due time.

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