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Afoko supporters descend on Kweku Baako

group calling itself NPP Grassroots for Power 2016 has descended heavily on the Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako for what they describe as his persistent transit from lies to a wicked propaganda against the suspended NPP chairman Paul Afoko.

According to the group Mr Baako´s show of open hatred and lies against Chairman Afoko if channeled into addressing the frightened scale of intimidations that have overwhelmed the NPP could avert further crisis within the party.

The group accused Kwaku Baako of telling the whole world that, he has audio and video recordings of Paul Afoko opening the controversial programme organized by some Serbians for NPP executives and activists in 2014, a claim he has refused to produce evidence.

The convener of the group, Alfred Benjamin Taylor in a press conference in Accra, submitted Mr Baako has decided to elevate himself to be unofficial spokesperson for Nana Akufo-Addo and his intolerant militant cabal in the NPP to tarnish the image of Chairman Afoko for their parochial interest.

“We are appalled by the apparent posture of Abdul Malik Kweku Baako. Kweku Baako in his usual characteristic manners always want to refer to Chairman Afoko as a friend who peddles untruth about you without getting your version. If Kweku Baako claims to love our Presidential Candidate more than his wife, why is he always brazenly stoking fire in internal happenings of the NPP? To what end? And what does he seek to achieve?¨, the group quizzed.

The group also dared Mr Baako to release the so called audio and video recordings he claimed to have for discerning Ghanaians to make their own judgement or forever have his credibility and image smeared.

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