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Advocacy for new region; my view point-Baba Musah

I have read from some colleagues from Dagbon arguing in favour of the splitting of NR so that according to their arguments, that when this is done along the Eastern enclave of the NR, that Yendi will become the capital.

First of all, as a proud son of Dagbon, I am not opposed to Yendi becoming the capital of a new region should the proposed creation materializes as speculated in the Eastern enclave of the Region.

However, who said they will be a new region with Yendi as its capital in the first place? Let’s stop this self gratification gimmicks.

Dagbon Kingdom should not split simply because of a supposed new region either with the capital situated in Yendi or wherever, if the government truly commits to helping the northern region to development, there are many ways it can do that without any split. For in stance the creation of new districts is one and fair allocation of resources is most critical.

Let’s be wise. Why has government given more districts to Ashanti region and Eastern Region than northern region even though we have bigger land distribution than each of these two regions? Have we asked ourselves why? If we did, are we satisfied with the reasons or answers?

I guess the argument with respect to Ashanti Region would be that, it has more population than northern region which is understandably true. The creation of districts are largely influenced by a number of factors including the population dynamics and not necessarily the land mass.

So why is Ashanti region not being divided? Mind you it has more constituencies than any region in the country (49) and in the future with more constituencies likely to be created in the AS.

It would have made greater sense if Ashanti region was to be divided into two regions also. Secondly why is Eastern Region not being considered for a new region? It also receive a lot more new districts under this government .

And who said that the mere creation of a new administrative region will automatically bring the needed development to the people even if the government is not committed to making a fair and even distribution of the national cake?

Upper East and west were created out of the northern region. What are the levels of development there?

Some of the people who support this so-called new region mantra from Dagbon call the traditional authorities who are kicking against it in the interest of protecting and safeguarding the Dagbon Kingdom as con men or selfish people. I think those engaging in such irresponsible name calling must desist from that.

It’s unwise to point your left finger at your home.
I think that the real con men are rather those who are deceiving people that a mere creation of a new region is an automatic solution to our economic woes.

These same people don’t see the need to divide Ashanti region or eastern region but rather give them districts and come here to promise you a new region and unfortunately on our part, some people are “sheepishly “ following these real con men.

If we were given more districts in the region, I would have been one of the people who would welcome this wholeheartedly with much appreciation.

Northern region has about 27 districts and out of that, Dagbon Kingdom has 13 districts in its jurisdiction.

I share the sentiments and views in the well echoed press release on 23rd December 2017 by Dagbon Traditional Council.
I stand by the Dagbon Traditional Council position.

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