A deliberate attempt by the UP tradition to distort Ghana’s history – Kobby Barlon


Kobby Barlon Writes…

Just like how some people believe that history “is a pack of tricks we play on the dead”, many are those with the assertion that history again is Bunkum…
This obviously can not relegate to the background fact that HISTORY has a place in societal evolution and development.

Narrowing the narrative to our geopolitical landscape, there have been heated debates about the political foundation and history of Ghana, which unfortunately take political sides. The founders’ or founder’s allusion is made depending on the political angle one emerges from.

It is imperative to note that as youth of this country, the sacrifices made by our Founder, herein referred to as Dr. Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, ought to be emulated if we seek the progress and forward match of this country.

From the boulevards of the United States to the principal streets of London, his enviable records are there to prove how relentless his actions were in the struggle for the end of colonial domination in Africa not only Ghana.

Nkrumah played a pivotal role in pan- Africanism and his name has been written in gold in the annals of history. We have to draw inspiration from the likes of W.E.B Du Bois, Marcus Garvey, Mahatma Ghandi and George Padmore who inspired him in the organisation of the 5th Pan- African Congress in Manchester in 1945.

He had brazed himself for the task ahead and there could not have been a better time to return to the Gold Coast to liberate his people from the scourges of imperialism and colonial domination at the time he came, even though clandestine efforts were made by notable elements within the UP tradition to thwart those efforts.

It is an undisputable fact that, we, as youth of this great nation cannot contribute our quota in national development without traversing the footprints of the Messiah of Ghana.( Nkrumah).

Despite the mammoth contributions of this illustrious son of the Land, some people have made it their pre-occupation to constantly and consistently water down the efforts of Nkrumah as the Founder of the State of Ghana. History is being surreptitiously cooked by the Danquah- Busia- Dombo tradition to belittle Nkrumah’s role and achievement in the political history of Ghana.

Smuggling historical records through the backdoor to eulogise some ” nation wreckers”?.These grand machinations will not wash.

The history of our land is beyond the ancestral worship agenda by H.E.Nana Akkufo Addo, the deliberate attempt by Prof. Mike Aaron Oquaye to contort the history of Ghana to favour the likes of Dr. J.B. Danquah which is encapsulated in his written work ” The Democratic Culture of Ghana” will fail woefully. The message of the ordinary youth to the “men of high condition” who want to rewrite history is simple and unambiguous ” Nkrumah never dies” so no matter the severity of your historical distortion, the truth and legacy of Nkrumah is alive and well.

As people say.. ” A country that does not Honour its heroes is not worth dying for” YES! That is why we have acknowledged the contributions of each and every individual who has played a formative role in our liberation, The Danquah Circle is there to remember him, Arko Adjei, Obetsebi and the others have overheads and roundabout in their names. This is a way of remembering and commemorating them not glorifying them with Nkrumah’s legacy.

Even Prophet Mohammed (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and Jesus christ all founded Islam and Christianity respectively despite many like Apostle Paul, Abubakari, Uthman, Ali and many others before and during their time playing crucial roles on the foundation of those religions. So the argument about one person can’t be a founder is dead on arrival.

It is pertinent to know that, for decades now the UP tradition, through its surrogates( NPP) have tried to change and belittle the role of Nkrumah in our independence, which is most unfortunate and ludicrous. The youth shall raise their voices in unmistakable chorus marching through the alleyways of the counties in commemorating the birth of our SAVIOUR Nkrumah. He is been studied in some Universities in advance countries and that is a hallmark of a founder of a blessed Nation as Ghana’s ilk.

Nkrumah’s actions and inactions were legendary, Legends don’t die, they live. Our first president and founder is still ALIVE..



Comrade Kobby Barlon.

NDC National Deputy Youth Organizer.


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