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“Kennedy Agyapong insulted Kufuor in PUBLIC. 

Kennedy Agyapong insulted my King-Otumfuo in PUBLIC. Kennedy Agyapong insulted the late Amankwatia (Bantamahene) in PUBLIC. Kennedy Agyapong insulted Ashantis in PUBLIC. Kennedy Agyapong insulted Kwabena Agyei Agyapong in PUBLIC. Kennedy Agyapong insulted Chief Mpiani in PUBLIC. Kennedy Agyapong insulted every NPP member in PUBLIC…and what happened to him? NOTHING! He is walking FREE in the party. Why? Because he is the No.1 henchman of the flagbearer.

So what do you think those of us who ‘worships’ Manhyia would do? How do u think the family members of the King, jncluding his subjects,feels? C’mon, we’ll wash the linen in public if we concede that it’s dirty.

Go to the other NPP platforms and check how Nana Obiri Boahen talks about some of the elders of the party including President Kufuor. People insult Kufuor and the next day you’ll see them walking side-by-side in PUBLIC with the flagbearer. Is it not to show that the flagbearer supports such persons and their actions?

When are we going to be fair to other peoples whose image, reputations and Creadibility are BEING injured evryday by the fb’s favourites? Or a matter of ‘we want power’ so we hv to sacrifice some people and get the power at all cost? These i dnt understand n won’t support. NEVER!!”

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