Nana Addo Launches His Retirement Benefit Through “Nana Wo Krom” Scratch Cards Ahead Of 2016 Election Defeat.

One of the terms that has recently dominated Ghana’s political discourse is ‘political entrepreneur’. The term refers to a set of Ghanaian politicians in the New Patriotic Party whose main incentive for getting involved in any political process is to make money. This became apparent in the light of the scandal involving monies accrued by the NPP into a Ghana Commercial Bank Account which was thereafter swindled into an Ecobank Account under the Supervision of Freddy Blay and the approval of Akufo Addo. http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

While this was going on many had their doubts about the extent to which Akufo Addo could be accused of this kind of entrepreneurship. Little did we know that he would put his strongest foot in that enterprise forward in pursuit of security for his retirement beyond election 2016. If there is any clear acceptance by him that he is a bonafide political entrepreneur, his launch of his fundraising campaign settles it.

Before you get doubtful I want you to consider this; the NPP has never engaged in a fundraising that required the ordinary Mmobrowa who spend two Cedis on credit each day to go lean and give half to a septuagenarian serial candidate. This is the first time.
But why should the Mmobrowa be the one supporting the NPP and not the so-called big rich people who usually funded that party? It is because they have no more confidence in Akufo Addo winning the polls than they have in a tortoise flying. This includes those who paid to contest the primaries and later saw their funds channeled into a questionable Ecobank Account.

In the face of that dire desperation, Akufo Addo has one option left; to settle for an arrangement that would accrue to him enough funds with which to retire.

Clearly there is an acceptance of the imminent electoral defeat by the old man. But does the supporter of the NPP know? They don’t. They therefore constitute an opium-ed mass ready to be hoodwinked into halving their little daily savings or survival money for their Presidential Candidate to retire on.

That is good for party loyalty. But would it not have been better if the old man made clear to his followers the fact that this latest fund raising stunt is aimed at giving himself a lump sum retirement package?

That is a good question to ask. But the truth is that it would not be necessary to ask questions that seek to protect the NPP supporter. Because, come to think of it, was it not the same flock of followers who believed in the false claims made by this man at the Supreme Court following his defeat at the 2012 polls? If they believed that pack of lies, why would they not be willing partners in this current hoax?

By Andrews Nettey.

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