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Founder and leader of the Prophetic hill chapel , Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has prophesied outbreak of violence and widespread conflict in Ghana during 2020 electioneering period.
The Prophet explained that the disaster was revealed to him by God in spiritual realm but will provide further and better details of the impending violence on 31st December 2019.

Prophet Gaisie in an interview on TV Africa, stated that he was lifted up into an unknown land in the spiritual space by God where he saw men shooting at the Ghana Flag.

This he interpreted to mean an outbreak of violence in 2020 at the time the country is going to the polls and insisted represented the ‘mind of God’.

Even though he did not provide lots of details, Prophet Nigel Gaisie averred the violence will be unprecedented and unfold in a manner that has never been witnessed before.
“There will be unprecedented violence in Ghana in 2020. The Lord showed me. The Lord took my spirit into a place, into a land and I saw the Ghanaian flag, and I saw men shooting at the Ghana flag. I speak as a prophet and as a spiritual person. The Lord carried me in the spirit, took my spirit and I saw the Ghana flag and I saw men shooting at it” he told host of the show.

“It is unprecedented, so what civil society and the powers that be must do is that there is an agenda from the queen of darkness to cause mayhem in 2020. I am not a prophet of doom, I say the mind of God spiritually,” he added.
To boost his credibility, Prophet Nigel Gaisie pointed to the proposal by the Electoral Commission to create a new voter’s register, the outcome of the 2016 elections and the ‘unity’ within the NDC as predictions he gave in the past that has been fulfilled or is being fulfilled.

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