I am told some of the aspirants have have rejected the Ghc 420,000 filing fee and have called on the founder to intervene. Before I proceed, we must as realists, replace representationalism with some form of constructivism. We again,as be realists, avoid characterizing reality, as itself constructed and hold instead that what construct are only conceptual pictures of what we take the real situation to be.

We must acknowledge that the realism thus achieved is itself cognitively dependent on, and embedded in our constructivist intervention.

Preaching of revolutionary sermons, posing as the holiest of all the Bolsheviks and creating fake impression that we are the true supporters of the NDC are all baseless, unnecessary and primitive. The political dynamics change every season and we must always adjust our plans and moves to meet the dynamics of the time.
A realist vision can lift people up and engage them, but it also needs to be approached in a way that acknowledges the reality of the Challenge. The challenges facing the NDC demands total commitments from all forces within the party. It is not “we against them” matter. People have started propounding their own version of the social democratic ideology to support their appeals and desires. Social Democracy is not the same thing as socialism or communism and that must be made clear to those arguing from that standpoint. With the 2020 around the corner, it will be open season enough with political parties bearing their fangs. The Npp has already sent out the signal that it will be the season of the money bag, yet again will play a prominent role in determining who is going to run and win which office in the election year. Some of us are vehemently opposed to this unfortunate trend but that is the prevailing reality. Until we come together and cure this deadly canker, we must be prepared to live with it. It is estimated that the parties spent more in 2016 than they did in 2012 and it is projected that they will spend double or more of what they spent in 2016 in 2020. We going to experience the most expensive election in 2020. The opposition NDC will definitely has to look for alternative source of funding. Government has suspended payment of contractors, businesses are collapsing, the party doesn’t have a well organised system to collect dues and donations from members so how is the party going to get legitimate funds for its activities. Coupled with these is the bad state of the Ghanaian economy, which has been worsened by the policies of the administration, low capital expenditure, collapsing of banks etc. These have virtually affected the financial status of individual businesses and corporate organizations that used to covertly or overtly provide huge sums of money for favoured politicians and political parties and bank roll their electioneering campaign.

Modern politicking and electioneering campaigning require a lot of money which is why political parties invest heavily on rallies and face to face contact with the electorate.

Is appealing to foreign donors, presidents etc part of the NDC core values? No…but at point, reality of the time forced us to seek for financial support from Abacha and other foreigners we considered our natural allies. Rawlings recently told us about a donation from Nigeria which landed in his office. It means the founder and the campaign team of Prof accepted donations from individuals and corporate organizations against the principles and values of the party. Without these support (financial) things would have been difficult for the campaign team. Funding political parties did not start today. Ohene Djan went to prison because of this 10 percent deal, Busia’s campaign was supported by the Syrians, the Lebanese and few Nigerians. Limann and the PNP received same support from his Shagari and others. President Kufour received millions of dollars from “Sacho” a Japanese business tycoon who was brought down by KT and Osei (the guy who nearly killed Kufour around Opeibea House). I have read the founder’s reaction and think it time we relax our nerves and critically look at the activities ahead via-a-vis the party’s financial strength.

The chances of the opposition parties especially the NDC to raise funds from donations are now threatened by the hounding presence of EOCO, the BNI. The party’s executives, the founder and supporters should know that unlike the past election where huge sums of monies were realised through fund raising, donations and other means, the anti Mahama/NDC stance of this government coupled with the prevailing economic stringency may make it difficult for funds to be easily raised for election campaign purposes. When discussing this crucial matter, let’s stay off that baseless ideological links. Those arguing that line should study how other social democratic parties raise funds for their parties activities. That is,what we should be discussing going forward. How to design a better system to collect dues etc from members.


This is their first major decision taken by the new executives since they took over from the old executive. Inconsistencies and inability to stand by its decisions and policies could have damning consequences on the group’s image. I am sure they took the decision after consideration so many factors and issues before arriving on the figure so I expect them to defend that decision diligently. The former President John Mahama decided to comply fully with the party’s decision because he knows that the party is working towards something important , something noble. This simple truth applies to every single member of the NDC from the grassroots to the top guns. What the party has embarked upon is the real job of a true leader to offer a vision that inspire and motivate members.


Every living soul in the NDC will fail the revolutionary test if we are to be examined today. How many of us survive on salaries and allowances we receive. It is time we listen to ourselves as the founder said. I am not sure the founder wants the party to fall on foreign donors, donations from individuals and corporate organisations for our parties activities. If it is about salaries and allowances people receive, then I can say confidently that none including candidates of the other parties including his wife’s, Nana Addo etc will pass the test. We shall then begin to question how the NDP was formed and how they handled their internal activities. Democracy is expensive that is the scary truth. If we really want to win political power, then we must bury those outmoded revolutionary antics and begin taking pace with the moving world.

The day of wearing sandals made from car tyres, leaving long beard to prove the Marxism, Englesm, Leninism in us is over.

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