2016 polls: Kofi Jumah hints of ‘operation let the blood flow’

Vociferous member of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and former Member of Parliament (MP) for Asokwa Constituency in the Ashanti Region, Maxwell Kofi Jumah has declared operation let the blood flow, as part of mechanisms to prevent rigging in the upcoming presidential elections.

The former legislator is advising the opposition NPP to forget about campaigning, printing of t-shirts and be vigilant by employing violent tactics to prevent the ruling government from rigging the elections.

According to him, the NDC is currently plotting with the Electoral Commission (EC), to rig the 2016 elections hence the reason why the reason why the NDC has claimed to pull 1 million votes in the Ashanti region.

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Maxwell Kofi Jumah in an interview with the morning show host on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, Kwame Tutu said, it will be a waste of time for the NPP to embark on serious campaigns when the NDC and the EC are planning to hand over victory to President Mahama on a silver platter.

The outspoken politician said the NPP will not fold their arms and watch the NDC and the EC rig the elections like they did in the past.

“The NPP will stand firm and match the NDC boot for boot and ensure that the victory for the NPP is achieved.”

“The NPP should not waste their time to organise any rally or campaign as well as print t-shirts because the NDC is planning together with the EC to rig the election and that is why they are claiming to pull 1 million votes in the Ashanti region and also have declared operation 50/50 in the Eastern Region. We cannot allow the NDC to rig the elections this year, and that is why I am employing the NPP to purchase a burglar proof…We cannot entertain ballot snatching this election year. We’ve witnessed how ballot boxes were changed at various police stations in the country after we’ve gone to sleep. The NPP should not let this happen again. If it happens, then operation let the blood flow.”

When he was asked to retract his statement since it is a statement meant to incite people to violence in the upcoming elections, he said “no, this is not a statement meant to incite anyone. If someone wants to rig this election and am asking people to prevent it, by making blood flow, what is wrong with it?”

Maxwell Kofi Jumah stressed the NPP will resist attempts by the ruling government and the EC to rig the elections.

“If a thief wants to rob you and you let blood flow to prevent that thief, why then should this statement be described as a strong and offensive statement? No, it is not.”

According to him, the NPP is winning the elections at all cost; therefore, they will employ all means possible to protect the ballot. By-rainbowradio

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